Complete C Programming Course – C Language for Students


Complete C Programming Course - C Language for Students

C Programming 2021: Master the Fundamentals of C Programming Language for Beginner Students in College/University

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Summarized & Concise Material [Saving TONS of Time!]
  • OVER 100 Practical Exercises!
  • Animated Explanation & Illustrations – Explaining “Hard Topics” EASY
  • C Programming Language Concepts & Usage
  • C Program Structure
  • Using Input & Output functions
  • Usage of Variables – declaration | initialization | access
  • Casting
  • Control Flow – if | if-else | switch-cases
  • Logical Operators
  • Loops – while | do-while | for
  • Functions – declaration | definition | usage
  • 1D Arrays – Why do we need them & How they can be used?
  • 2D Arrays – Matrices
  • Introducing “#define”
  • Pointers – Time to Sweat! – Why | When | How
  • Strings – Creating, Reading, Manipulating & Printing
  • Recursion – Concept | Usage
  • Constants
  • Unions


  • A computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OS
  • 4GB RAM (recommended)
  • No prior knowledge is required! This course if for Absolute Beginners!


*** The Course Is Optimized  For Beginner College Students *** (+BONUS –> Over 100 Exercises with Full Solution)

I’ve been working as an Academic Personnel at the Academy (vastly teaching “C” Programming for Beginners, Intermediate “C Language”, and even “C Programming” advanced topics) for a few years now… And I’ve come to a decision that it’s a good time I’ll also share my knowledge here on this platform.

I mean, why not help so many students to learn c programming in an easy and fun way? I mean learning C Programming can feel like a nightmare.. but “C” can be actually kind of fun – if we do it right!

And that’s what I aim to achieve – Teaching you “C Programming” in plain English.

So I hope you’re ready for our C Programming Language Journey! 🙂

*** Last Update 2021 ***

Based on recent surveys in the c course, it has been decided to OPTIMIZE this course for Beginner Students in College/University who study C Programming with relevant exercises in C.

This course remains mainly for Total Beginners and hobbyists who want to learn some new C skills in an EASY and ATTRACTIVE manner.


The content is structured in such a way that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge and it also contains PLENTY OF C PROGRAMMING EXERCISES WITH FULL SOLUTIONS (OVER 100 C Exercises)!

EXACTLY what you may be looking for!

So if you’re a “c” student in college/university – I think you’re ABSOLUTELY going to LOVE this course.

If you’re still unsure – then no worries. I’m so confident about my course and what it will teach you so that you get Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Doubts – Out. Enroll “C” – In.


What is C Programming Language?

C Language is the “mother” of all programming languages.

C first appeared almost 50 years ago and has been used for the development of:

  • Operating Systems – ~C as its core.
  • Core parts of famous databases (such as Oracle and MySQL) – ~Yes, even MySQL was developed using C.
  • Cyber-Systems – ~I personally was programming C to develop a cyber system.
  • Smart Homes & Smart Cities
  • Systems including Sensors and Micro Controllers (especially in Embedded Systems) – ~Common usage to program an MCU using C Programming  Language.

Also, if you’re familiar with Python Programming Language – then you better know that a lot of Python efficient libraries are actually implemented in C.


“C Language is definitely here to STAY!”


Also, it’s considered that by learning C Programming you’re definitely going to make your programming fundamentals VERY STRONG.

And finally to answer a question that a lot of you may have – there is a HIGH DEMAND for C Developers in the market – at both large companies as well as startups – and the salaries are usually PRETTY HIGH! 🙂

So C Programming – usually pays off.


[C Programming – Course Information]

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming using C Language – including different concepts such as:

  1. Programming Concepts (General + C Language)✔️
  2. Input & Output (what it is and how it can be used in C)✔️
  3. How variables work✔️
  4. Conditions & Control Flow (controlling the execution flow of a C Program)✔️
  5. Different types of Loops (including For, While, and Do-While in C)✔️
  6. Functions ✔️
  7. Arrays in C✔️
  8. Pointers✔️
  9. Using Strings in C Programming✔️
  10. Recursions (Concepts + C Usage)✔️
  11. Constants✔️
  12. Unions✔️
  13. And maybe some additional sections in C Programming Language✔️

Each and every one of the major topics is being taught with plenty of exercises (of course, in C Programming Language) with full video solutions.


[Sections Structure]

At every section, you will be given with:

  1. Introduction to the General Concept without the C language.
  2. Implementing Concept in C Programming Language.
  3. Hands-On Exercises Challenges + FULL VIDEO SOLUTION – using C Programming.
  4. Cool Milestones such as:
    • Developing a Calculator in C.
    • Developing your own Weather Station in C.
    • C Password Guess Program.
    • And many more “c” Cool Milestones that will make you feel how the Theoretical and Practical knowledge are getting together!
  5. EXTRA Sections – OPTIONAL.

By the end of the course – you should be able to analyze and solve various c programming problems on your own.

So if you’re a Total Beginner, a student or you’re just curious about the topic – this course is ABSOLUTELY FOR YOU!

*Also, if you’re a Programmer who wants to make a Career Change to C Programming (from Python Programming, JavaScript and Web Development, C#, or any other).


Who this course is for:

  • People totally new to programming [no prior knowledge required]
  • Beginner C Developers
  • Students at the Academy
  • Programmers who wants to make a Career Change to C Programming (from Python Programming, JavaScript and Web Development, C#, or any other).
  • Graduated Engineers that want to repeat Summarized & Concise Material

Created by Vlad Budnitski
Last updated 1/2022
English [Auto]

Size: 15.41 GB

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