Learn HANA® Native SQL, Modelling , Procedures and Performance Enhancement

What you’ll learn

  • At the end of the course you will have a strong understanding and practical knowledge about SAP® HANA®
  • Some level of experience in SAP®


This one comprehensive course covers all the aspect of HANA® Development to help you when it matter. We have covered all concepts from basics to intermediate to advance in step-by-step, We have covered the details of HANA® Architecture, HANA® Modelling, Procedure, XSJS and XS oData and lot More.

Also, when it comes to HANA® Modeling. We create Logical Containers to hold our Virtual data in views, may it be Attribute Views, Analytical Views, Calculation View or even creating custom calculated column these takes lot of time to search through, and all of these are covered in a detail and simple way with demos in this course. We have given special attention to:

  • Filtering, Selecting , Decision Making, Types, Attributes and measures
  • Attribute Views – Keys Fields Filtering Records and Preview Data
  • Analytical Views – Characteristics, Facts and Dimension Table Overview
  • Analytical Views – Data Foundation and Nodes
  • Analytical Views – Selecting Columns, Joins and Specifying Measures
  • Analytical Views – Calculated Column and Data Preview
  • Calculation Views – Characteristics, Nodes and Types
  • Calculation Views – Adding Data Source, Selecting Column
  • Graphical Calculation Views(GCV)
  • GCV – Join, Union, Projection, Aggregation and Rank
  • GCV – Renaming Nodes, Auto Layout, Keys and Aggregation
  • GCV – Input Parameters, Filtering And Calculated Columns
  • Scripted Calculation Views

And not only this we have given attention to Procedure, XSJS and XS oData. So you would be able to get complete information on:

  • Table types
  • Local temporary tables
  • Scalar Variables and User-defined functions
  • Table User Defined Functions
  • Looping concept inside Procedures
  • Array functions like array aggregation
  • Imperative statement and declarative statement  XSJS Service API’s
  • Exposing xs oData Services with Views

All covered in our course in simple to explanation and hands-on manner.

Who is the target audience?
  • SAP Consultants
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Senior Consultants

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