Learn Professional Web Design In Photoshop


Learn Professional Web Design In Photoshop

Learn all there is about web design in a professional and simple way.

What you’ll learn

  • Design a whole professional website alongside its dashboard
  • Simple knowledge in Photoshop.
  • Prior knowledge and ideas about the Web Design.


This web design course is for programmers and designers who wants to learn web design in a professional way because the design process is one of the most important phases in creating a website and through it you get to set the shape and the look of the website which plays a key role in attracting visitors to your website and you get to set all the properties of the website before moving to the programming process in which the programmer transform the design into data.

You can benefit from this course if you are a programmer because you will be able to execute your projects according to your own vision and way getting the result you want with minimum effort.

And for the designers this course will develop your skills and give you the ability to make more money by working for individuals that want to design their own websites and working for web design companies.

And for website owners this course will help you design your website by yourself without any outside assistance.

In short with this course you will be able to design a total professional website with the Adobe Photoshop Software.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner designers who wants to learn web design
  • programmers and freelancers who wants to learn and profit from web design

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