The Complete Mobile Game Development Course with Phaser


The Complete Mobile Game Development Course with Phaser

Learn Game Development from total scratch with JavaScript, HTML5 and Phaser

What you’ll learn

  • Build their own cross-platform games with Phaser
  • Create impressive 2D games of different genres

  • Support both keyboard and touchscreen

  • Understand animations, tweens, 2D physics and much more!
  • Basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS knowledge is required
  • A code editor
  • A web browser
  • Students need to install a local web server to run the course examples


Update October 2017 – Added new videos on Phonegap!

The Complete Mobile Game Development Course is a comprehensive video tutorial that teaches you how to create mobile games using JavaScript + the Phaser library (version 2.x).

Learn by Making Real-World Projects

This course has been our most ambitious project up to date, and it incorporates all the feedback and experience gained over the years teaching game development.

This course is built around the concept of learning by creating Real-World projects. The ultimate goal is that all the skills you gain in the course are really valuable for your career in an industry you love.

Games included

  • Farm animal toddlers game
  • Virtual pet game
  • Platformer Super Mario game
  • Multi-level spaceship game
  • Candy Match-3 game

Besides making games you’ll also gain valuable app and web development skills

  • Become a proficient JavaScript and HTML5 developer.
  • Understand the hybrid app development process.
  • Learn to use Phonegap and publish apps to the Play Store and the App Store
Who this course is for:
  • Motivated students with basic JavaScript knowledge who are passionate about games and want to make their own

Created by Pablo Farias Navarro, Zenva Academy
Last updated 10/2017
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 2.73 GB

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