Web scraping: doing 20 real web scraping projects


Web scraping: doing 20 real web scraping projects

Master web scraping python in just 2 hours, most practical python web scraping course

What Will I Learn?
  • Understanding in deep how data web scraping work
  • Get real skill by doing 20 real life project
  • All students are well come to go with this course if they have interested and web data scraping
  • This course is explain from beginning so it suit for all level


What special about this course ?

  • This is only course on market provide you 20 real life web scraping data projects, all of these projects coding with Python programming language
  • Practical approach, learning by doing, you will learn to coding python language with 20 real life web scraping projects,
  • Step by step method, from understand big picture to understand each step, and finally apply skill to solve problem.
  • All web scraping projects source codes are provide for reference.
  • Love to do web scraping ?

What you will get from this course ?

  • Understand indeed how web scraping work.
  • Hand – on experience by doing 20 real life web scraping projects.
  • Hand – on experience working with Sublime Text, one very cool IDE to working with python
  • Love to do web scraping ?

Course summary

This course teach you step by step, from simple example to real life web scraping project.

  •  Introduce with you what is web scraping and why we need web scraping. The big picture of web scraping or 4 steps to do web scraping.  And then  we will install all kind of tools which be used in next sections.
  • Step 1 in 4 steps to do web scrape, we do inspecting web page and locating data between HTML source.
  • Step 2 in 4 steps, we do download HTML content.
  • Step 3 in 4 steps, we do  create Beautiful Soup object and search for tags contain Information.
  • Step 4 in 4 steps, we do scrape data from tags.
  • Finally we do 20 hand-on web scraping project to collect data from Amazon, Linkedin, Airbnb, Nba, Imbd.
  • Love to do web scraping ?

Why web scraping is important ?

Most important data on the web do not available from API. Could you get the product data from Amazon with API ? Could you get housing data from Airbnb ?. Of course not. So the only way to collect these kind of data is using web scraping. Have data mean have power, you are having that power. Well come to my course on web scraping.

——–>>>  Take this course and get any data you want from the web automatically <<<——–

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is present step by step and from simple to more complicate so it is suit for all people
  • All steps are explain carefully with intent to make every one can understand

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