17 Complete JavaScript projects explained step by step


17 Complete JavaScript projects explained step by step

Learn faster and enhance your JavaScript skills by building 17 complete projects step by step from scratch

What you’ll learn

  • Create practical and useful apps for everyday use
  • Create a calculator

  • Create a digital clock

  • Create word length calculator
  • Create a percentage calculator
  • Create a button color changer
  • Create an to display the day of the week
  • Create a contact form with local storage
  • A text editor and web browser is required.
  • You need to have basic knowledge of HTML ,CSS and JavaScript


The best way  for a  beginner to enhance their skills is by practicing building various projects.

This course is a beginner course for those who have some basic knowledge of how HTML, CSS and JavaScript works.

Some of the projects you will be creating in this practical hands on course include:

  • Creating a functional calculator
  • Creating a digital clock
  • Creating  a word count tool
  • Creating a button color changer
  • Creating a percentage tip calculator
  • Creating a contact form with local storage

HTML will be used to create the structure of these applications.

CSS will be used to apply styling to make the applications look nice and presentable.
Java script creates the functionality for the app and required HTML and CSS to be in place before it can do it’s thing.
They are are like a canvas for JavaScript to work on.

In this course you will learn useful and practical steps to creating web based browser apps that will work when viewed with any modern web browser.
I will be using google chrome for this project and i advise you do the same.

A good text editor makes writing code fun and productive.
I will be using sublime text editor for this course. It is a cross platform text editor that will work on any platform  like windows and macs.It is free to download and use but recommend that you purchase a full license after trying it out if you enjoy using it.
Another good cross platform text editor is brackets which is open source and completely free to use. By open source i mean  developers from around the world can contribute to make it even better.

By the end of this course you will be confident to build more useful projects .

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone with basic knowledge of HTML ,CSS and JavaScript

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