500+ American Slang | Spoken English Vocabulary Course


500+ American Slang | Spoken English Vocabulary Course

American slang to sound fluent, confident and comfortable with the English language

What you’ll learn

  • DOMINATE English conversation
  • Use and understand native level (C2) spoken English
  • Never be confused watching TV, reading, or talking with natives
  • Advanced vocabulary


  • Not recommended for complete beginners
  • Some adult expressions & slang may not be suitable for young children


Enroll now to become the master of English conversation you’ve always dreamed of!

Join now for:

  1. Video dictionary of the 500 most important slang words in the English language
  2. New video each week!
  3. American slang that’s necessary to understand real conversations
  4. Fluent (C2) vocabulary you need to use in spoken English
  5. Informal vocabulary to speak with clients and colleagues outside of work, and with students and professors outside of the classroom

ATTENTION: There is some adult vocabulary in this course that might not be suitable for children,

as lectures include discussion of informal English slang and other expressions meant for adult learners.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for you if:
  • – You want fluent spoken English
  • – Advanced conversational vocabulary
  • – Understand informal English
  • – Never be confused in English conversation

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Last updated 8/2019
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