Artificial Intelligence for Business


Artificial Intelligence for Business

Solve Real World Business Problems with AI Solutions

What you’ll learn

  • Master the General AI Framework

  • Implement Q-Learning

  • Save and Load a model
  • Build an Optimization Model
  • Implement Early Stopping
  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Implement Thompson Sampling
  • Implement Deep Q-Learning
  • Leverage AI to make the best decision
  • Build an AI Environment from scratch
  • Implement Online Learning
  • Build an Artificial Brain
  • Implement Regret Analysis
  • High School Maths
  • Basic Python Knowledge


Structure of the course:

Part 1 – Optimizing Business Processes
Case Study: Optimizing the Flows in an E-Commerce Warehouse
AI Solution: Q-Learning

Part 2 – Minimizing Costs
Case Study: Minimizing the Costs in Energy Consumption of a Data Center
AI Solution: Deep Q-Learning

Part 3 – Maximizing Revenues
Case Study: Maximizing Revenue of an Online Retail Business
AI Solution: Thompson Sampling

Real World Business Applications:

With Artificial Intelligence, you can do three main things for any business:

  1. Optimize Business Processes
  2. Minimize Costs
  3. Maximize Revenues

We will show you exactly how to succeed these applications, through Real World Business case studies. And for each of these applications we will build a separate AI to solve the challenge.

In Part 1 – Optimizing Processes, we will build an AI that will optimize the flows in an E-Commerce warehouse.

In Part 2 – Minimizing Costs, we will build a more advanced AI that will minimize the costs in energy consumption of a data center by more than 50%! Just as Google did last year thanks to DeepMind.

In Part 3 – Maximizing Revenues, we will build a different AI that will maximize revenue of an Online Retail Business, making it earn more than 1 Billion dollars in revenue!

But that’s not all, this time, and for the first time, we’ve prepared a huge innovation for you. With this course, you will get an incredible extra product, highly valuable for your career:

“a 100-pages book covering everything about Artificial Intelligence for Business!”.

The Book:

This book includes:

  • 100 pages of crystal clear explanations, written in beautiful and clean latex
  • All the AI intuition and theory, including the math explained in detail
  • The three Case Studies of the course, and their solutions
  • Three different AI models, including Q-Learning, Deep Q-Learning, and Thompson Sampling
  • Code Templates
  • Homework and their solutions for you to practice
  • Plus, lots of extra techniques and tips like saving and loading models, early stopping, and much much more.


If you want to land a top-paying job or create your very own successful business in AI, then this is the course you need.

Take your AI career to new heights today with Artificial Intelligence for Business — the ultimate AI course to propel your career further.

Who this course is for:
  • Business Driven people, who are eager to learn how to leverage AI to optimize their Business, maximize profitability and efficiency
  • AI practitioners, who want to know what projects they can offer to their Employees
  • Aspiring Data Scientists, looking for Business Cases to add to their Portfolio
  • Technology Enthusiasts interested in leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve Business Problems
  • Consultants, who want to transition companies into AI Driven Businesses

Created by Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team
Last updated 12/2022
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