Asp.Net MVC With Entity Framework From Scratch


Asp.Net MVC With Entity Framework From Scratch

Latest approach of web application development

What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the core concepts of Entity Framework
  • Start working with Entity Framework as your data access layer
  • Handle all real time scenarios when working with Entity Framework
  • Understand the basics of Asp.Net MVC
  • Make a real, production ready, web application
  • By the end of this course you will be in a position to build any web application usinf Asp.Net MVC and Entity Framework
  • VS2013 or any higher version.
  • SQL Server Management Studio 2012 or any higher version


********* Updated on June 2015 *********


  • Nawaz Ahmed Best Course for Entity Framework with MVC Well Organized Contents and Topics, Talks more on Real world Implementation and business scenarios, Clear Voice Collecting all above points make this course a best one to attend Thanks manzoor sir for this video and adding more confident in me..
  • Antonio Marques Taltavul Good and Clear Thanks for the course, simple and to the point explication at every lesson. Great work!!!!
  • Barlet Hamzai Great Course Great course and easy to follow. This course taught me how to use Entity Framework with both WebForms and MVC.
  • Saujan Simple But Effective! Straight to the point, not like other instructor who spend 15 minutes to explain 4 lines of useless code, outstanding will join his asp .net MVC web.
  • Software Developer Zaheer Husain this is very helpfull for learning asp .net mvc this is very helpfull for learning asp .net mvc

Entity Framework is a latest approach for data access and this course contains all the stuff required to start with AdoNet Entity Framework. As there are two ways of working with entity framework i.e., ObjectContext and DbContext. As a start this course contains all the stuff with ObjectContext and it covers all the areas that a normal developer needs to know to work on any project with entity framework as data access layer.

It ranges from basic operations like insert,update,delete and select to advanced operations like transactions and optimization technique (lazy loading, eager loading, etc.,).

ASP .NET MVC is a framework for building scalable, standards-based web applications using well-established design patterns and the power of ASP .NET and the .NET Framework.

In this course I will give an introduction to ASP .NET MVC from a beginner’s perspective. Then starts moving towards the understanding of Get and Post method, Binding A Form To An Action, various methods of Passing Values From View To Action, Introduction To Razor View Engine, ViewData Vs ViewBag and Temp data. Implement partial page updates that help reduce the need to reload entire pages and Finally Implement caching to reduce the loading time of the different elements of a webpage.

We will also learn how to validate forms and implement business rules validations by implementing custom validators. Then we will end our course by securing it with implementation of authentication and authorization.

And many more lectures to come in future…

Who is the target audience?
  • Any experienced developer who has extensively worked on Asp.Net web forms application
  • Fresher graduates with solid understanding of Asp.Net Web forms, C# OOPs, Ado.Net DataReader or Datasets and MS SQL server query writing

Created by Mohammed Manzoor Ahmed
Last updated 2/2016

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