Backend web development with Django 2 – Build 8 projects


Backend web development with Django 2 - Build 8 projects

A course for beginners in back end, uses Django 2, python3 to make you a full stack developer

What you’ll learn

  • Build websites using Django 2
  • Learn backend development basics

  • You will be able to apply for Jr. Backend developer

  • Build 8 different project to take down different problems
  • Basics of front end like HTML and CSS should be clear – no need to be a guru
  • Basics of python should be clear like function, loops and classes – no need to be an expert


Hi and welcome to BackEnd Development for Beginners using Django – Build 8 Projects.

Before we talk anything about this course, let’s get clear about what you should already know before taking this course.

NOTE: This course is on Django 2

1. Front end basics
If you have taken my Complete front end developer Bootcamp or any other such course where things like HTML and basics of CSS got cleared, then you are good to go for next requirement. This is a backend focused course and we will not be talking much on stuff like “How to change background color”.

2. Python Basics
Django is based on python and it will be a good idea to clear your python basics before taking this course. Things like Loops, If Else, Functions, and Classes are used in this course, with an expectation that you are aware of it. You don’t need to be a guru in python but at least syntax should be comfortable for you.

Why Django?
While designing BackEnd course, there were a lot of option but I asked a question a that If I could go back in time and suggest me the easiest backend framework to get started, what would it be. Most tech startups use Django because it is easy to implement. You can focus on what you are building instead of other framework issues.

On top of that, it is backed by Python, One of the top most favorite programming language of people at the internet.

What will we be building in this course?
This course is totally focused on beginners. Goal here is not to scare you from programming jargons. Course is totally based on projects and each project will focus on a specific issue that we will deal.

Project 1. – Getting basics of Django

Project 2. – Breaking website into templating

Project 3. – Interaction with Database

Project 4. – Blog with static pages and unique URL

Project 5. – Handling forms and taking input from user

Project 6. – A CRUD blog from user input

Project 7. – A TODO list with sqlite3

Project 8. – Login, Logout and Signup

This course is designed to take you one step closer towards backend development. So, if you are afraid of backend development, worry not. Django is going to help you a lot.

Let’s get started.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested in Backend development using Django 2

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