Bodybuilding Masterclass for Beginners (2018)


Bodybuilding Masterclass

Bodybuilding For Beginners: Build Muscle, Shed Fat and Get Ripped with the Step By Step Bodybuilding Masterclass

What Will I Learn?

  • Bulk, Cut and Maintain in the most effective way possible
  • Train for Maximum Muscle Gains with proven workouts that get Results

  • Build effective nutrition plans tailored to your exact requirements for Muscle gain and Fat loss

  • Set yourself up mentally to succeed with a very clear end goal in mind and start winning right from today
  • Train with confidence knowing that you are getting the maximum results from each Rep,
  • You are Proactive in taking principles and applying them to your own individual circumstances
  • A willingness to commit to a regular workout regime and to stick to a nutrition plan that’s designed to maximise your bulking and cutting gains.


Bodybuilding Masterclass for Beginners (2018)

The Complete Muscle Building Course for Men

Fully updated 11/10/2017

Build the Ultimate Male Body

This course is for those who want a complete, engaging, and practical approach to getting ripped, where everything is made clear to both understand and implement right away. Its a 3 hour course that only needs to be taken once, and then you’ll never have to go traipsing through magazines and forums again.

If you want a simple proven approach to bulking, cutting and maintaining that covers training, nutrition, goal setting and mindset, then it’s for you

It’s not for you if you’re looking for extensive biomedical explanations as to why the method works, or if you believe in ‘Bro Science’.

Why do some people who stick to a plan get minimal gains… or even none, whilst others build incredible bodies with consistent gains?

There are a few fundamentals which if done consistently over time will lead you to the body of your dreams, guaranteed.  The difficulty is sifting through all the industry BS to know exactly what these fundamentals are.  The process of getting ripped has been massively over-complicated to help companies sell more magazines and supplements.  If it wasn’t like this these companies would go out of business as there is no way you could fill a whole magazine each month with new discoveries about basic training principles that have been around for hundreds of years.

This course takes what has been made into a complicated subject and lays it out in plain and simple terms, providing a framework that anyone can take and apply to their own circumstances, to achieve their body goals.

Here are 5 reasons why you should take the course:

  1. Learn a proven approach to training, that you can take and apply to right away, even without access to a gym.
  2. Learn the keys to creating Bulking, Cutting and Maintenance Nutrition Plans that Leave You Feeling Satisfied, Nourished and Energetic.
  3. Discover the TOP 5 Myths and Mistakes that are Ruining Your Results Right Now and you don’t even know it.
  4. Master Your Inner-game, Self-Discipline, and Make Your Determination Explode
  5. Identify Destructive Behaviors that are Stopping You from Achieving your goals, and Replace them with Habits of Success

Here are some reasons why you might not take the course:

  1. You have that niggling sense of doubt that we all get before we make a purchase – The course comes with Udemys 30 day 100% money back guarantee so rest assured there’s absolutely no risk on your part.
  2. There’s lots of other courses on the same subject – I believe this is the most comprehensive all-in one course on the subject on Udemy.  In many cases, you have to purchase multiple courses from an instructor to cover the whole subject.  Not here, everything’s included including access to me.
  3. You’ve seen a negative review – The course is a leaving, breathing organism and I update it regularly.  Whenever I receive feedback that I can use to improve the course, I do so. As you will see from the comment & ratings below I reach out to students to learn more about both positive and negative experiences.  I want you to enjoy the course as much as I did creating it. If you are any less than 5* satisfied I encourage you to refund your investment with Udemys 100% money back guarantee.
  4. You’re not sure if the course is right for you – The course provides a complete framework that you can apply to your own individual circumstances. It teaches principles that have been proven to work, time and time again.  Rather than showing you how to perform bicep curls, it gives you the principles behind the types of exercises that get you the most bang for your buck. The same with nutrition. I show you the kinds of nutrition that work and why. I show you what I eat, and I show you how you can design your own nutrition plan that satisfies your own personal needs. I don’t give you a generic ‘one size fits all’ meal plan because we all have individual tastes, wants and needs.

***Important*** In the course I treat you like an adult that has the ability to take principles, and then apply them to your own circumstances and goals.  One of the keys to getting ripped long term is being proactive in making your regimen work for you. If you’re looking to be spoon fed everything on a plate with zero pro-activeness on your part, then don’t take the course.

Here’s what students are saying:

“This course is so great because it is universal. It does not show you how to curl your biceps, but describes the mechanisms which work, so that you can work out the details for yourself and still get the results. This is exactly the knowledge I was looking for.”

“I have been training for about 1,5 years and after going through this course making notes i can see how much i have been doing wrong. I am confident and looking forward to seeing greater results than i have been before.”

I’ve tried many different workout plans and different diets and I suck at all of them.. Mainly because there are so many things to do.. I like this training , because he takes out all the hipe and BS and just gives the basics you should do. plan and easy..”

Learning a lot basic stuffs from it. As a beginner this is the course of my choice. Thanks to the instructor for designing this amazing course. I pray and wish I could gain muscle following this course.”

If you’re ready to take control of your gains and finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted then enroll now and I’ll see you inside!


Who is the target audience?
  • This Bodybuilding course is for those who want a complete guide to building the ultimate male body
  • It’s for anyone who wants a straightforward guide to Exercise, Nutrition, and Inner-game
  • This is not a course for someone who wants academic explanations, but for someone who wants all the proven knowledge to transforming their body, presented in a clear and concise manner
  • If you’re a student just starting uni and looking to get ripped, then this is the course for you

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