Bootstrap 4 Tutorial and 10 Projects Course


Bootstrap 4 Tutorial and 10 Projects Course

Step by Step learn Bootstrap 4 with tutorial and by creating 10 interesting projects.

What you’ll learn

  • Create 10 amazing projects using Bootstrap 4
  • Learn bootstrap classes and grid system.

  • Learn CSS3 tricks and techniques.

  • Learn Jquery Plugins – Like Owl Carousel.
  • Learn CSS Flexbox
  • Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS


Bootstrap 4  is latest version of the most popular mobile development framework. In this course, we will be learning Bootstrap 4 by creating various projects.If you want to build websites quickly Bootstrap 4  is for you!!!!

All Project Intros are available for preview.

1.Project Nr 1 – Long website using only Bootstrap 4  classes for styling with very minimal css .

2.Project Nr 2 – Grandma’s Sweets Website

3.Project Nr 3 – Renters Realtors Website

4.Project Nr 4 – Furniture E-commerce Website

5.Project Nr 5 – Car Dealership Website

6.Project Nr 6 – Restaurant Website

7.Project Nr 7 – Portfolio Website

8.Project Nr 8 – Agency Website

9. Project Nr 9 – Music App

10. Project Nr 10 – Admin Theme

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to work with Bootstrap 4

Created by John Smilga
Last updated 7/2019
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 20.30 GB

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  1. Gonem says

    Thanks for the share. Can you upload the remaining courses from the same instructor as well ? <3

  2. Christian S says

    Hi, thank you very much for uploading this course. There are some corrupted videos that stop at half length and others that don’t play at all. Here is a list of the corrupted ones, and the folders where you can find them:

    3. Bootstrap 4 Only Project With Font-Awesome 5
    23. Bootstrap 4 Only Project – Contact Section.mp4

    6. Furniture E-Commerce
    17. Home Page Filler Section.mp4
    27. Modal.mp4

    7. Car Dealership Project
    11. Car Dealership – Question Section.mp4

    It would be great if you can upload them again.

    Thank you very much.

  3. aki says

    Please update this course Last updated 7/2019

  4. alex says

    Please please seed

  5. Doni says

    Please seed

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