Bootstrap (no coding) Build Bootstrap Websites the Easy Way!


Bootstrap (no coding) Build Bootstrap Websites the Easy Way!

Bootstrap – Start your Bootstrap web design journey, learn to build fast loading, responsive bootstrap websites easily

What you’ll learn

  • Build and customize, fast loading, awesome looking websites for themselves or their clients
  • Understandof how the basic bootstrap structure works

  • Source and use great stock photos with no cost.

  • Utilize awesome free software resources from the web
  • Upload a completed website to a live hosting provider
  • Inspect and live-edit the HTML and CSS of a page using the Chrome DevTools Elements panel.
  • Take on a web design project for many different types of business
  • Take the first steps to becoming a full time web designer
  • Need to have a desire to work from home and create awesome websites
  • Need to have a computer with Windows 7 or newer or Mac with recent OS
  • Need to be willing to learn some great new skills
  • Needs to have an interest in contributing to the online digital world


Take your first steps into the ever expanding, exciting, well paid world of web design and web development with Bootstrap. Learn how to build fast loading, responsive Bootstrap websites on your computer with no coding skills required. This course will give you a complete guide of where to find, and use free software that will enable you to build some awesome Bootstrap websites. We also cover how to upload the finished websites to a live hosting provider. Web design is a high demand skill and is still growing. This isn’t a HTML5 or CSS3 coding course, but we will be demonstrating some easy code tweaks. The sites that you build after taking this course should sell to potential customers for a minimum of $1000 each. Start today and find out how to build awesome Bootstrap websites the easy way.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone that wants to work from home or start a home business
  • Creative people that are interested in starting to develop good looking websites for themselves or their customers
  • Poeple wanting to break into the well paid, exiting and ever growing world of web development
  • Anyone that has wanted to become a web designer but is put off by needing to learn to code
  • This course is not for people that want to build eCommerce websites

Created by Jamie Henry
Last updated 11/2018
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