Cinematic Color Grading: Making Your Videos Come Alive


Cinematic Color Grading: Making Your Videos Come Alive

Learn how to take your footage to the next level using professional color correct and grading techniques.

What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn to use industry standard techniques and tips to color grade your films in a cinematic way using a variety of programs and plugins.
  • You should have a basic understanding of any editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro
  • You should be able to film your own video and do a simple edit
  • A basic understanding of After Effects and/or Davinci will help but is not necessary

Have you ever looked at someones film and thought “that color grade looks incredible how do they do it”?  Then this is the perfect course for you.

I’m here to teach you how to color grade your videos to look more cinematic in order to take your videography to the next level.

This course is designed to show you what goes into making a cinematic color grade for your film and how to better tell your story through color grading.  We will learn about theory of color grading, tools to help you grade, how to shoot so your footage has the best starting point, how to color correct, how to color grade, what my workflow is and most importantly tons of examples.

We will focus on programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve but the same practices can be applied to any editing program.  We will look at how to use color wheels, curves, denoisers, scopes, LUTs and more! Once you understand the concepts in this course you will understand what it takes to color grade your film no matter what the program or plugin you use.

What makes me qualified to teach this course?

I’ve been a filmmaker for over 7 years now working in the industry here in Toronto, Canada.  I’ve been the director of photography for countless projects and color graded tons of them.  The single question I get asked most often is “How do you color grade your films?”  Well its time for me to reveal to you professional tips and tricks on how to grade your films.

Why take this course?

It’s easier now than ever to become a film maker and that makes the market saturated.  But one of the best ways you can make your films stand out and look more professional is the color grade. Once you learn these color grading concepts you will be able to increase the quality of your films and in turn be able to charge your clients more because they know they are getting the best quality.

You can’t go wrong with investing in yourself!

So what are you waiting for?  Invest in yourself by learning these industry standard tips and techniques on how to color grade your films.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for all film makers who want to take their post processing to the next level.
  • Videographers who want a professional color grade on their films.

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