Complete FastAPI masterclass from scratch


Learn everything about FastApi with Python, Full Stack, OAuth2, SQLAlchemy, RESTful APIs, and practice projects

What you’ll learn

  • FastApi foundations, basics and advanced features
  • API creation, management and deployment
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Testing, debugging, error handling and management
  • SQL, relational databases, SqlAlchemy and ORM
  • Step by step code writing where you will learn by doing
  • Advanced features such as asynchronous programming and web socket communication
  • Lots more features that will get you from a beginner to an advanced developer


  • Python
  • Basic web technologies HTML CSS Javascript


Your professional FastAPI development course.

FastAPI is one of the fastest growing API development frameworks available. It is easy to use and lightweight. In addition it provides some unique benefits such as automatic Swagger docs generation and modern, open standards of development.

This course will give you a complete understanding of FastAPI features. We will discuss simple and advanced concepts so that you have a clear image of what is possible.

We will also discuss how FastAPI works with SQL databases, and in particular SqlAlchemy. We will see how we can expose endpoints that will allow a client to manipulate and retrieve data from a database.

And best of all, ALL concepts discussed will be implemented in code. This will not only be a theoretical course, but a course that builds both your knowledge and experience. Whenever we introduce a concept, we will implement it in code so that you see how it works in practice.

In this course we will cover:

  • Installation and setup on both Mac and Windows
  • Virtual environment and project generation
  • FastApi features
  • Path and query parameters
  • HTTP status, codes and exceptions
  • Error handling
  • Tags
  • Routers and automatic path generation
  • API responses and response management
  • Validators
  • Complex subtypes
  • SQL, relational database management and ORM
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Authentication and authorization
  • File management
  • API deployment
  • Testing and debugging
  • Templates, middleware, async programming, web socket communication, background tasks and lots more

The final part of the course will be a practical project. We will create an Instagram clone app and build the API that is required to make that work. We will focus on a few key concepts like posting, commenting and user authentication.

We will also develop two clients for our api:

  • web client in ReactJS
  • mobile client in Android and Kotlin

That way you will have a complete understanding both web and mobile fullstack development.

This course is meant for fullstack developers who wish to acquire a new skill. That of building APIs quickly and easily.

The course is constantly updated as the API evolves and adds new tools and concepts.

I’m confident you will love this course. So sign up today and let’s get started learning to build APIs in FastAPI.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Fullstack Developers
  • Intermediate Fullstack Developers
  • Web devs

Created by Catalin Stefan
Last updated 8/2023
English [Auto]

Size: 6.49 GB

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