Course Request and Update Rules

Important Rule For Course Request

  1. Search Your Course in FCS Before Request.
  2. One Person Can Only Request One Course In a Week, If We Found Two Course Request From Same Person We Will Never Publish His/Her Requested Courses.
  3. Do Not Request an Old Course From 2019.
  4. Never Request Low Enrolled Student Courses. Minimum 2000 Enrolled Required.
  5. Request Course and Seat Back We Will Do Our Best To Provide Your Course.
  6. Only Udemy Courses Are Posted In This Website Please Do Not Request Other Courses.

Important Rule For Course Update

  1. Do Not Request For Course Update Again & Again.
  2. Course Will Be Updated As Soon As Possible.

Follow All Rules For Get Your Courses, Because We Receive So Many Course Request Daily. So Stay With Us and Enjoy.