Develop Discord Bots in Nodejs: Complete Course in 2023


Learn To Develop Discord Bots in 2023 With Updated New Content

What you’ll learn

  • Discord Bot Development Essential and Fundamentals using Node js.
  • Programming a poll bot that creates and saves polls that server members can vote on.
  • Create advanced bots that make your Discord server 1000 times cooler.
  • Working with user data.
  • You will be able to show off your bots in other Discord servers.
  • Fundamentals and Essential about Node js programming language.
  • Understanding the Discord bot API to literally become a wizard.
  • You will learn about general software development.
  • You will learn how to analyse objects and display data from object properties.
  • You will learn how to further develop written software.
  • You will learn a skill so you can express your creativity in code.
  • Reading and understanding how documentations benefit us developers.
  • You will be able to continue developing much more advanced Discord bots after finishing this course


  • A Discord account.
  • A working pc.
  • Ready to have some fun!


Hi there, ‘Develop Discord Bots in nodejs Complete course‘ is perfect for you who wish to make Discord bots and add to your server. In this course I will teach you how to create some basic and then more advanced bots. We’re going to have a lot of fun!

As we progress further into the course, the bots will become more advanced and your skill will grow rapidly.
Each bot serves a purpose, some bots are more educational and some bots are useful on a daily basis.

I will be there developing the bots with you, even if you get stuck you will be able to get the bot up and running by downloading the source code from the lecture.

Why trust me?

I’ve been developing different kinds of software including a lot of web development during my time span as a developer. Creating complex functions with tons of security is my favorite. Creating outstanding code is my focus. I’m teaching you nodejs in this course which is the fastest language to use when it comes to Discord bots. I have 4 years of experience in programming and I’ve used different languages to build different type of software applications. When this course was first released for free I received a lot of positive feedback. Now this course is being further developed to become a large Discord bot course.

Why this course?

• The best bot course on Udemy.
• You have lifetime access, you will get new content for free.
At a very generous price. The knowledge within this course is literally worth $400-$500.
• Downloadable code so you can use my code for free.
• Bots are made to teach you how to handle objects in programming.
• 1080p HD videos.
• English captions.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners software development
  • Beginners data analysing
  • Nodejs developers any level
  • Software engineers
  • Beginners
  • Anyone
  • Curious about software
  • Curious about development
  • Curious about programming

Created by Erik Petersson
Last updated 12/2022
English [Auto]

Size: 3.40 GB

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