DevOps: Git & Github and Integrating with Jenkins & Maven


DevOps: Git & Github and Integrating with Jenkins & Maven

Git & GitHub – The complete step-by-step guide from scratch and also learn Jenkins integration with GitHub Repository

What you’ll learn

  • What is DevOps?
  • DevOps Lifecycle : CICD
  • Learn all you need to work with Git, including all about repositories, commits
  • Working with Branches
  • Learn how to perform rebasing and merging of the branches
  • Conflict Resolutions
  • Use TortoiseGit S/W to resolve conflicts
  • Real Project examples – Scenario based cases
  • GitHub Deep Drive – Cherry-pick, tags, rebase & merge
  • Integrate Jenkins with GitHub Repository
  • Create a java based project using maven tool in Jenkins.


  • PC or Laptop with internet Connection
  • No prior Git or GitHub or web development knowledge is required
  • Ability to install software on your computer
  • An email address is required to create a (free) GitHub account
  • Motivation to Learn Git and GitHub IS required


This course will guide everyone (no prior knowledge is required!) through the core steps to use these tools in your daily projects with ease.

This course is all about Git and GitHub.

Course Description:


  • What is DevOps & its benefits
  • DevOps LifeCycle :
    1. Continuous Development
    2. Continuous Integration
    3. Continuous Testing
    4. Continuous Feedback
    5. Continuous Deployment
    6. Continuous Monitoring
  • Overview of Git & GitHub
  • Create a GitHub Account, repository, clone – Distributed Version Control System
  • Git configuration
  • Stages in Git
  • Git pull from Remote to Local
  • Git push from Local to Remote
  • Stages in Git – Add & Commit

Working with Branches

  • Introducing Branches
  • Lab – Create branches (master & Develop)
  • Create & push branch from Local to Remote
  • Feature branches
  • Pull Request – To merge one branch into another
  • Release branch
  • Hotfix Branch
  • Lab – Release & Hotfix Branch
  • Add Reviewer in Pull Request with Branch protection rules
  • PR – Comment, Approve & Request changes

Conflict Resolutions

  • Understanding conflicts in git merge
  • Create a merge conflict & resolve it
  • Use TortoiseGit S/W to resolve conflicts
  • Resolve conflicts from GitHub using web editor using PR with one reviewer

Real Project examples – Scenario-based cases

  • Git clean command to remove file & directory
  • Undoing changes on existing files
  • Git Revert Command
  • Git Reset Command
  • Git fetch command
  • Git pull command
  • Difference git merge & git fetch

GitHub Deep Drive – Cherry-pick, tags, rebase & merge

  • What is Cherry-pick in git?
  • Lab on Cherry-pick with conflicts in merging
  • Git tags
  • Delete tags from local & remote
  • Git rebase command
  • Difference between git rebase & merge

Integrate Jenkins with GitHub Repository & Maven project

  • About Jenkins
  • Overview of Jenkins integration with GitHub & how to build a java based project
  • Installation of Jenkins, Java, Maven & Git on EC2 Instance
  • Configure Jenkins on EC2 Instance
  • Configure GitHub Credentials & Maven Location on Jenkins
  • Create & Build the Java-based project using Maven Tool
  • Add Maven Plugins in Jenkins
  • Last lecture

Git Interview QA

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn what version management is & how it can help to organize your code and projects efficiently
  • Software engineers, developers, and programmers new to Git

Created by Shikhar Verma • 50k+ Students Worldwide
Last updated 2/2022

Size: 1.43 GB

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