Django Database ORM Mastery



Learn how to master building and interacting with databases within a Django project

What you’ll learn

  • Setup and prepare an environment ready to develop Python Django applications
  • @ Level 1 – Connect Django applications to multiple database technologies and perform a variety of queries to create return update and delete data
  • @ Level 1 – Connect a Django application to multiple database technologies utilising Docker container technologies
  • @ Level 1 – Propagate changes to database tables structures
  • @ Level 1 – Build raw SQL queries to interact with database from within a Django project
  • @ Level 1 – Implement a variety of QuerySet API methods to limit, order and optimise performance
  • @ Level 1 – Implement a design methodology design and subsequently build and query a database
  • @ Level 2 – Advance knowledge of topics introduce at level 1
  • @ Level 2 – Implement Proxy Models & Abstract Classes
  • @ Level 2 – Incorporate Django Signals
  • @ Level 2 – Implement Django User Models and customizations
  • @ Level 2 – Implement Django Model Permissions
  • @ Level 2 – Implement Caching to enhance performance
  • @ Level 2 – Database testing
  • @ Level 2 – Q-Objects, Annotations, Fixtures, F() expressions, Prefetch


  • Prior experience in using the Django framework would be advantageous
  • Knowledge of relational database principles would be advantageous
  • Having a computer would definitely be advantageous


One of the most powerful features of Django is its Object-Relational Mapper (ORM). In a Django project, the Django ORM provides the tools to rapidly build database interactions without needing to learn Structured Query Language (SQL). This course helps you start your journey mastering database interactions using the Django ORM to build scalable and performant Django applications.

This course is currently in its first iteration and includes level 1 of 3 planned levels. Each level will be a separate course. You will find subsequent levels in our course library for levels 2 and 3 of this course. At level 1 you will learn how to build, administrate tables and perform common Create, Return, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations through the Django ORM. The courseware at level 1 scaffolds the learning, building towards a final case study where we first design and subsequently develop and query the database. Learners may track their knowledge through optional section assessments leading towards a final level assessment (section and level assessments are a feature coming very soon).

We believe that to master Django database interactions and performance, it can be beneficial to underpin knowledge, learning to interact with a database from a Django project through raw SQL queries. Subsequently, learners may follow optional tutorials learning the underlying SQL used to interact with a database and perform operations.

I hope you enjoy the course and fulfil your learning objective. Don’t forget to visit us on our YouTube Channel, Very Academy, where you can further interact with the community and explore other free supplementary content.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, Developers, Students, and Enthusiasts new to the Django Framework
  • Developers, Students, and Enthusiasts lookingrto refresh their knowledge of the Django ORM

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Last updated 2/2023
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