Django E-commerce | Advanced web App


Build a django e-commerce web app with core functionalities from add to cart to payment

What you’ll learn

  • Real world E-commerce web app with Python/Django
  • Understand database model
  • Class-based & function-based views
  • Pagination
  • Sign in & Sign up
  • Add to cart
  • Remove from cart
  • Payment processing


  • Basic web development knowledge
  • Basic Python & django


A complete practical Python/Django e-commerce course in which you will learn to create your own web app with real world database that can be handle all functionalities from add to cart to payment. The course covers everything that is needed to:

  • Display the items on the website
  • Let the user sign in / sign up – of course log out as well
  • View single item with its description, price, etc
  • Add items to cart
  • Remove item from cart
  • Add coupon code
  • Add shipping/billing address
  • Pay with credit/debit card for the order using stripe

Use Django frameworks with other great libraries to create very quickly real-world web application. Learn how to use Urls, Views, Models, Templates, and Forms. Learn how to upload file to your server.

Use either SQLite or MySQL to store your data and manipulate them, either with simple Python, or with Django, or with PyQt5. (CRUD) Create, Read, Update, Delete.

In the course, very very less theoretical things are used. Learning with exemples and exercices is the most effective way!!!! However, during typing the codes, we explain everything from start to finish so you understand the theory while coding.

Note that: this course is the answer to questions of some people for us, so it might be very basic and simple for you, or it does not have to be the answer for your own questions, but you might also find your own answer.

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers who wants to create e-commerce
  • Anyone who wants to know how e-commerce works
  • Database manager

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Last updated 8/2022

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