Email Marketing with MailChimp – The Complete Guide


Email Marketing with MailChimp - The Complete Guide

The A-Z practical guide that walks you through automating your email campaigns.

What Will I Learn?

    • Create mailing lists and the different methods for adding subscribers.
    • How to customize emails to be personalized for each specific recipient to increase engagement.

    • How to create sign-up forms for subscribers that can be embedded on your website or blog.

    • Design and embed pop-ups that can be embedded in websites or blogs, and help capture more subscribers.
    • How you can integrate sign up forms onto your facebook page.
    • Using MailChimp Subscribe to capture information in person and at live events with a tablet.
    • How to design and manage email templates, create campaigns and analyze results.
    • Integrating MailChimp with other platforms for additional automation.
    • Grouping, Segmenting and utilizing A/B Testing to enhance email effectiveness.
    • How to create automated email campaigns to handle massive mailing workloads efficiently and easily.
    • Access to the internet.


If you need to send email campaigns, you need MailChimp. Whether its for business, personal use or a blog. MailChimp is the powerful tool you need to automate your emails with ease. Sam’s going to walk you through the process of how to get started with MailChimp as quickly as possible.

In this course, Sam takes a practical approach to teaching you how to use MailChimp. The course is highly interactive, and you will be taken through the MailChimp platform one step at a time as Sam explains the functionalities by demonstrating how to use the platform in an intuitive and logical sequence. This practical approach helps students learn quickly by watching real examples of the steps being performed by the instructor.

So lets get started right now. Sign up for this course and let Sam show you how to get started with MailChimp!

Who is the target audience?
  • Any business or organization seeking to build and market to an Email mailing list.

Created by Sam Gray
Last updated 3/2018
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