End to End Automation using Python | Web Application & API


End to End Automation using Python | Web Application & API

Automate Manual Stuffs using Python, Web Automation using Selenium Python, API Automation with Request, Realtime Project

What you’ll learn

  • Expert level knowledge with practical exposer of Python for Realtime implementation
  • Ready to use python in Daily realtime project activities(Manual / Automation)
  • Detailed understanding of python and its implementation in different automation activities
  • Ready to face Python programming interviews for Automation Testing
  • Ready to Write Selenium Automation Scripts single handedly with best practices


  • Basic understanding of Windows Operating System
  • Good to have understanding of Manual Testing, Processes, Functional & Regression Testing
  • Should be ready to invest at least 30mins a day for practice and concept implementation


— Recent Updates —

Oct 2021 : Updated Python videos with improved Sound Quality

Dec 2020 :  Added videos for Web Scrapping

Jun 2020 : Added Videos for API Response Validation

This is a end to end course to Utilize Python for automating our daily Manual Task and Application


  • Step by Step Installation of Python and other tools libraries required for this course.
  • Learn Python basics like Condition Handling, Looping, String Handling.
  • Standard Data Types (List, Tuple, Dictionary)
  • How to work on Class and Functions
  • Advance Python Concepts : File Handing, Excel Handling, Exception Handling
  • OOPS Programming : Inheritance, Overriding
  • Working with CSV file, JSON Handling
  • Here we will write code by following all standards and best practices.
  • Different practice exercise and questions to test our learning time to time.
  • Help with Q&A support whenever needed
  • Use many most usable python packages and libraries

Realtime Project Coverage:

Project 1: 

WebScraping : Navigate to different pages of a website, fetch data and store for further analysis

Project 2:

API Testing : Most important area as REST API Testing is having huge demand, here we will learn how to do API Testing using Python Programming

Project 3:

Web Automation Basics : As we know we can automation web applications, here we will learn, how to automate Web Application using Selenium and Python

Project 4:

Test Data Generation : Its a test data generation utility which we will design for manual testing activities

Who this course is for:

  • Manual Testers Looking Opportunity in Python Automation
  • Professionals looking to switch to python scripting language
  • Freshers looking for opportunity in Automation Testing
  • Any professional want to start carrier in python Automation

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