Ethereum Blockchain Dapp With Solidity Smart Contract | A-Z


Learn Blockchain, Etherium, Smart Contract and Dapp

What you’ll learn

  • Blockchain Fundamentals and its working
  • solidity on remix IDE
  • Solidity Fundamentals
  • Smart Contract Fundamentas with use cases
  • How to write Smart Contract
  • How to Optimize Etherium Smart Contract and how to save gas fees
  • Tuffle Project
  • Ganache Local EVM
  • ReactJs UI with Smart Contract
  • End to End Dapp


  • Basic understanding of blockchain would be helpful


Decentralize application aka Dapp is one of the most exciting things people are adopting in technology, Dapp has the potential to fill all security and ownership related gaps which other technologies failed to provide we are witnessing a revolution in the industry but the future of any tech gets decided based on adoption in the market many big organizations already started working on this tech and started making their existing services decentralized. all and all we can say it’s the right time to understand this tech when it’s growing because if we delay understanding it we might miss once in life time opportunity in many ways.

What this Course Offering

  • This course is mainly designed for intermediate learners anyone new to this technology and doesn’t understand anything aboutblockchain, solidity, and many other related technologies or maybe just heard these words and don’t have in and out the idea this course could be the best choice for you.
  • in this course, we are mainly focusing on fundamentals along with examples that are required to create Dapp
  • In this course we are not gonna create big projects rather we will create small projects like an online auction to clear alltechnology-related doubts and we will solve queries one by one.
  • this course includes a quiz to test and revise learnings.
  • this course will also provide a certificate by the end of course completion

Technologies used in the course

  • we will start with solidity on remix IDE and learn the fundamentals of Solidity
  • in the next step, we will set up everything on the local machine to learn more in-depth about the entire process
  • later we will setup truffle and create a truffle project
  • we will learn about Ganache after that
  • we will see how migration works
  • we will create React.js User interface to interact with deployed solidity smart contracts

Who this course is for:

  • Blockchain Enthusiast
  • Blockchain Learning Beginner
  • Smart Contract Learning Beginner

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Last updated 2/2022

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