Game Music Composition: Make Music For Games From Scratch


Game Music Composition: Make Music For Games From Scratch

Learn to compose music for any and every type of video game, from complete beginner to competent game music composer

What Will I Learn?

  • Compose high quality, original video game music for any type of game and genre, for your own game or for someone else’s game.
  • Start or further your career as a game music composer.

  • Understand some music theory, music composition, music production and general game music knowledge.

  • Mac or PC capable of running FL Studio 12 or any other Digital Audio Workstation
  • MIDI keyboard is OPTIONAL


The world’s first comprehensive online course on Video Game Music Composing that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. Be one of the first to study the complex and often forgotten art of game music composition. This is the course I wish I had when I started out, and currently, there is still no complete course in game composing for this price. This course is the first and aims to be the absolute BEST.

Immerse yourself in the world of game music composing. Emerge a competent video game composer and be confident in your ability to make music for any and every type of game.

Every Game Type: Role-playing game battle themes, boss battle themes, casual mobile/smartphone game music, 8-bit chiptunes, indie and triple A adaptive and dynamic music, game character themes – this course covers it all. All with no prior music knowledge required.

Learn all the skills you need to successfully and confidently compose and produce music for any game. From music theory, composition techniques, digital audio workstation software, music production and even audio middleware for game engines, you will gather the entire skillset necessary to produce high quality video game music for any game project.

In this project-based course, you will learn interactively by following the instructor or going on your own to create any game music piece you desire. Almost every lecture has a challenge task, designed to test your abilities and hammer home those techniques you just learned.

Start simple. You won’t be overwhelmed. Musical concepts and theory and production are gradually introduced to ensure you build confidence in your music-making abilities.

Go in depth, learn the tricks of the trade. This is not just an introductory course, but delves deep into advanced topics only professional game composers know. Audio channels, computer chips and more, explore the technical aspects of game music.

It’s not just a composing course, it’s an entire music production course. Learn the entire pipeline of music production, from idea development and composing, to mixing and mastering.

We will use and cover many types of software:

FL Studio: Complete beginners will learn how to use one of the most popular digital audio workstation programs. Advanced students can use their preferred DAWs.

FMOD: Learn to use this audio middleware effectively with game engines, and learn the two must-know FMOD techniques.

Unity 5: Learn to use the Unity Game Engine with audio middleware and set up a fully-functional game scene, complete with adaptive/dynamic music, made from scratch.

Audacity: Learn how to use this free, open-source audio editor to add additional polish to your music.

So let’s dive right in, you will be surprised at how quick it is become a competent game music composer.

Who is the target audience?
  • Indie and Solo game developers wanting to make professional music for their own games
  • Composers and music professionals looking to enter the video game music industry
  • Aspiring game music composers and amateur composers
  • Game enthusiasts who are curious to know how game music is made and learn how to do so
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make music for video games

Created by Karleen Heong
Last updated 2/2018
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 2.57 GB

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