Gatsby with WordPress as a headless CMS (2019)


Gatsby with WordPress as a headless CMS (2019)

Use React and the static site generator Gatsby to build a front end for a WordPress site

What you’ll learn
  • Build a frontend with Gatsby and use WordPress as a headless CMS
  • Use React (That is used in Gatsby)
  • Connect WordPress with Gatsby
  • Build a real world client Website
  • Use GraphQL in Gatsby to query the data
  • Intermediate front end development skills
  • Knowledge of React
  • Basic WordPress skills


Create a REAL WORLD CLIENT Front End with Gatsby.js and WordPress as a Headless CMS!!


This course will NOT teach you how to build a WordPress site. The actual WordPress backend is pre built and I will not show how to build that. The soul purpose of this course is to teach Gatsby and how you can use Gatsby to create a Front End from a WordPress CMS. The purpose is NOT to show how the complete site is built with WordPress.

Are you a developer that like “code along” style learning? Do you want to learn Gatsby.js fundamentals in a real world project oriented course? Do you like quick learning and straight down to the point? Then this is the course for you!

Guaranteed no “foo” and “bar” … and no “to-do-list” app 😉 In this course we’re building a real world client website in Gatsby.js

My teaching style and belief is that you learn more by creating many smaller projects than one overwhelming 25 + hours course that tries to show you everything and don’t focus on the fundamentals that much. So this is a shorter, project oriented, course where You’ll learn how to create a real world client site from scratch with Gatsby.js. Gatsy uses GraphQL by default so this is an awesome way to start with some GraphQL.

What people are saying in the reviews?

Excellent introduction to GatsbyJS. I really enjoyed the course, partly because I’m in the process of refactoring WordPress site i.e. getting rid of the excruciating pain of rendering pages in php. GatsbyJS seams to be a really good choice since you can use modern javascript (React.js, GraphQL) but also render pages statically. In addition you can keep WordPress and use it as a CMS. The other reason that I enjoyed the course is that the instructor does a really good job explaining the concepts with a great real world example. Five stars out of five.”

What this course is!

– This is an intermediate course. I assume that you know some Javascript and React

– This is a quite fast paced project oriented course to learn the fundamentals of Gatsby.js

– This is a course were you will learn GraphQL basics.

– This is a “code along” style of course.

– This is a course were you will learn how to connect an existing WordPress site to Gatsby.js and use it as a Headless CMS.

– This is a course were you will use React. It will not teach basics of React but it should be good for an intermediate React developer.

– This is a course that uses a lot of ES6 Syntax.

What this course IS NOT!

– This course is not a beginner React course

– This course will not deeply explain React syntax.

– This course will not teach GraphQL in detail. (We will use it though and should be a great overview/start to learn GraphQL)

– This course will not teach WordPress and how the actual WordPress backend is built. We’re not building anything in WordPress. The course is focused to learn Gatsby.js and how to connect an existing WordPress site to Gatsby.

My main goal with this course is to mix fun with teaching. There’s many tutorials and courses out there that are great but too complex and focus on a lot at the same time. Hope you enjoy it too!

Please make sure to download the STARTER FILES from the resources!

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Front End Developers who want to learn modern ways to create Front Ends

Created by Thomas Weibenfalk
Last updated 5/2019

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