Google Kubernetes Engine GKE with DevOps 75 Real-World Demos


Google GKE, Kubernetes, IAM, Filestore, Disks, Ingress, Load Balancing, Autoscaling, SQL, DNS, Armor, DevOps, Build, CDN

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn to master Kubernetes on Google GKE with 75 Real-world demo’s on Google Cloud Platform with 20+ Kubernetes and 30+ Google Cloud Services
  • You will learn Kubernetes Basics for 4.5 hours
  • You will create GKE Standard and Autopilot clusters with public and private networks
  • You will learn to implement Kubernetes Storage with Google Persistent Disks and Google File Store
  • You will also use Google Cloud SQL, Cloud Load Balancing to deploy a sample application outlining LB to DB usecase in GKE Cluster
  • You will master Kubernetes Ingress concepts in detail on GKE with 22 Real-world Demos
  • You will implement Ingress Context Path Routing and Name based vhost routing
  • You will implement Ingress with Google Managed SSL Certificates
  • You will master Google GKE Workload Identity with a detailed dedicated demo.
  • You will implement External DNS Controller to automatically add, delete DNS records automatically in Google Cloud DNS Service
  • You will implement Ingress with Preshared SSL and Self Signed Certificates
  • You will implement Ingress with Cloud CDN, Cloud Armor, Internal Load Balancer, Cookie Affinity, IP Affinity, HTTP Access Logging.
  • You will implement Ingress with Google Identity-Aware Proxy
  • You will learn to use Google Artifact Registry with GKE
  • You will implement DevOps Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) with Cloud Build and Cloud Source Services
  • You will learn to master Kubernetes Probes (Readiness, Startup, Liveness)
  • You will implement Kubernetes Requests, Limits, Namespaces, Resource Quota and Limit Range
  • You will implement GKE Cluster Autoscaler and Horizontal Pod Autoscaler


  • You must have an Google Cloud account to follow with me for hands-on activities.
  • You don’t need to have any basic knowledge of Kubernetes. Course will get started from very very basics of Kubernetes and take you to very advanced levels
  • Any Cloud Platform basics is required to understand the terminology


******* Course Overview *******

Welcome to this Amazing course on Google Kubernetes Engine GKE with DevOps|75 Real-World Demos.  Below is the list of modules covered in this course.

Course Modules

01. Google Cloud Account Creation

02. Create GKE Standard Public Cluster

03. Install gcloud CLI on mac OS

04. Install gcloud CLI on Windows OS

05. Docker Fundamentals

06. Kubernetes Pods

07. Kubernetes ReplicaSets

08. Kubernetes Deployment – CREATE

09. Kubernetes Deployment – UPDATE

10. Kubernetes Deployment – ROLLBACK

11. Kubernetes Deployments – Pause and Resume

12. Kubernetes ClusterIP and Load Balancer Service

13. YAML Basics

14. Kubernetes Pod  & Service using YAML

15. Kubernetes ReplicaSets using YAML

16. Kubernetes Deployment using YAML

17. Kubernetes Services using YAML

18.  GKE Kubernetes NodePort Service

19. GKE Kubernetes Headless Service

20. GKE Private Cluster

21. How to use GCP Persistent Disks in GKE ?

22. How to use Balanced Persistent Disk in GKE ?

23. How to use Custom Storage Class in GKE for Persistent Disks ?

24. How to use Pre-existing Persistent Disks in GKE ?

25. How to use Regional Persistent Disks in GKE ?

26. How to perform Persistent Disk  Volume Snapshots and Volume Restore ?

28. GKE Workloads and Cloud SQL with Public IP

29. GKE Workloads and Cloud SQL with Private IP

30. GKE Workloads and Cloud SQL with Private IP and No ExternalName Service

31. How to use Google Cloud File Store in GKE ?

32. How to use Custom Storage Class for File Store in GKE ?

33. How to perform File Store Instance Volume Snapshots and Volume Restore ?

34. Ingress Service Basics

35. Ingress Context Path based Routing

36. Ingress Custom Health Checks using Readiness Probes

37. Register a Google Cloud Domain for some advanced Ingress Service Demos

38. Ingress with Static External IP and Cloud DNS

39. Google Managed SSL Certificates for Ingress

40. Ingress HTTP to HTTPS Redirect

41. GKE Workload Identity

42. External DNS Controller Install

43. External DNS – Ingress Service

44. External DNS – Kubernetes Service

45. Ingress Name based Virtual Host Routing

46. Ingress SSL Policy

47. Ingress with Identity-Aware Proxy

48. Ingress with Self Signed SSL Certificates

49. Ingress with Pre-shared SSL Certificates

50. Ingress with Cloud CDN, HTTP Access Logging and Timeouts

51. Ingress with Client IP Affinity

52. Ingress with Cookie Affinity

53. Ingress with Custom Health Checks using BackendConfig CRD

54. Ingress Internal Load Balancer

55. Ingress with Google Cloud Armor

56. Google Artifact Registry

57. GKE Continuous Integration

58. GKE Continuous Delivery

59. Kubernetes Liveness Probes

60. Kubernetes Startup Probes

61. Kubernetes Readiness Probe

62. Kubernetes Requests and Limits

63. GKE Cluster Autoscaling

64. Kubernetes Namespaces

65. Kubernetes Namespaces Resource Quota

66. Kubernetes Namespaces Limit Range

67. Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler

68. GKE Autopilot Cluster

69. How to manage Multiple Cluster access in kubeconfig ?

Kubernetes Concepts Covered in the course

01. Kubernetes Deployments (Create, Update, Rollback, Pause, Resume)

02. Kubernetes Pods

03. Kubernetes Service of Type LoadBalancer

04. Kubernetes Service of Type ClusterIP

05. Kubernetes Ingress Service

06. Kubernetes Storage Class

07. Kubernetes Storage Persistent Volume

08. Kubernetes Storage Persistent Volume Claim

09. Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler

10. Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler

11. Kubernetes Namespaces

12. Kubernetes Namespaces Resource Quota

13. Kubernetes Namespaces Limit Range

14. Kubernetes Service Accounts

15. Kubernetes ConfigMaps

16. Kubernetes Requests and Limits

17. Kubernetes Worker Nodes

18. Kubernetes Service of Type NodePort

19. Kubernetes Service of Type Headless

20. Kubernetes ReplicaSets

Google Cloud Platform Services Covered in the course

01. Google GKE Standard Cluster

02. Google GKE Autopilot Cluster

03. Compute Engine – Virtual Machines

04. Compute Engine – Storage Disks

05. Compute Engine – Storage Snapshots

06. Compute Engine – Storage Images

07. Compute Engine – Instance Groups

08. Compute Engine – Health Checks

09. Compute Engine – Network Endpoint Groups

10. VPC Networks – VPC

11. VPC Network – External and Internal IP Addresses

12. VPC Network – Firewall

13. Network Services – Load Balancing

14. Network Services – Cloud DNS

15. Network Services – Cloud CDN

16. Network Services – Cloud NAT

17. Network Services – Cloud Domains

18. Network Services – Private Service Connection

19. Network Security – Cloud Armor

20. Network Security – SSL Policies

21. IAM & Admin – IAM

22. IAM & Admin – Service Accounts

23. IAM & Admin – Roles

24. IAM & Admin – Identity-Aware Proxy

25. DevOps – Cloud Source Repositories

26. DevOps – Cloud Build

27. DevOps – Cloud Storage

28. SQL – Cloud SQL

29. Storage – Filestore

30. Google Artifact Registry

31. Operations Logging

32. GCP Monitoring

Each of my courses comes with

  • Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences
  • Real Implementation Experience
  • Friendly Support in the Q&A section
  • “30-Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guaranteed by Udemy”

Who this course is for:

  • Infrastructure Architects or Sysadmins or Developers who are planning to master Kubernetes from Real-World perspective on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Any beginner who is interested in learning Kubernetes with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Any beginner who is planning their career in DevOps

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Last updated 4/2023
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