How to Get Free Products for Life!


How to Get Free Products for Life!

Learn how to get so many Free Products you’ll be giving most of them away…

What Will I Learn?
  • where to find free items
  • how to rank on the Amazon Reviewer’s list
  • how to indefinitely get free items
  • how to get free items as quick as…today!


  • want free items
  • have the ability to use an Amazon Buyer Account


2 Things I know:

1) Everyone loves Free Stuff

2) Everyone loves a delivery.

This short and succinct course will show you exactly that…getting Free Items to your door. You can get your first Free item in about 30-45 minutes (roughly the length of the course) after you’re done learning. You can also continue to replicate this over and over again with more items. Additionaly, with a little work, you can set up Free reoccurring product offers indefinitely.

Sound too good to be true? Enroll and let me prove you wrong!

Who is the target audience?
  • anyone looking for free items

Created by Bryan Guerra
Last updated 11/2017

Size: 190 MB

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