1. billal ounoughi says

    ohh my god thank you so much man really thank you god blese You

  2. Bunty says

    THIS IS NOT the Illustrator 2018 Masterclass. This is the Illustrator 2017 Masterclass or PREVIOUS CC versions. It DOES NOT have reference to the ENTIRELY NEW INTERFACE of 2018 or the PUPPET TOOL. Though this will get you started with Illustrator CC it will NOT and DOES NOT deal with the 2018 version of Illustrator. THIS COURSE NEEDS TO BE UPDATED!

    1. Lucas says

      Then this course is a clickbait and pure scam. Still in the description say, last updated 2017, but in the title 2018. Scam

  3. Gabriel says

    Can you please update the content oft his course?

  4. someGuy says

    Was thinking about downloading an Illustrator tutorial and this saw this on front page, lucky~
    Thanks for updating!

  5. SUPERtheKING says

    I really appreciate your work..thanks so much! I was requesting for a coredraw course please

  6. kiran says

    Please update the course to the latest

    Udemy Link : https://www.udemy.com/illustrator-cc-masterclass/

  7. zeezu says

    Download Now this course : https://www.file-up.org/qhro1z664atl

  8. Yusuf Ahmed says

    Seed plz

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