Kotlin for Android & Java Developers: Clean Code on Android


Kotlin for Android & Java Developers: Clean Code on Android

Become a professional Kotlin developer and write cleaner code in your Android apps than in Java, avoid boilerplate code

What you’ll learn

  • Write clean code with Kotlin
  • Avoid ceremony and boilerplate code around Android APIs

  • Use functional programming to write concise, expressive code

  • Create Android apps with Kotlin
  • Write readable SQLite transactions using extension functions in Kotlin
  • Use the Kotlin Android Extensions to avoid findViewById()
  • Create multiple activities, layouts and menus
  • Some programming experience (e.g. Java)
  • At least some Android experience


  • Learn to use Kotlin the right way to actually improve your Android app code
  • Write null-safe, concise, and readable code in Kotlin using functional and object-oriented concepts
  • Work around unnecessary boilerplate code when using Android APIs (e.g. SQLite) using higher-order extension functions
  • Use Android Studio effectively to speed up your development workflow
  • Get your questions answered along the way should you ever get stuck

Why Take This Course?

I’ve been involved with Kotlin since late 2015, before it was released in its first stable version. As the instructor of the course “Kotlin for Beginners”, I know which topics students are interested in or get stuck with.

My first Kotlin course is recommended from the official Kotlin website and from the official Android website as a resource to learn Kotlin for Android. So you can be sure to get quality teaching here.

After this course, you’ll be able to confidently use Kotlin for any kind of project — but we’ll of course apply what we learn to Android app development in this course.

What Makes This Course Special?

Since Google’s #IO17 announcement to officially support Kotlin on Android, many new courses on the topic have been released — which is great because it further helps to spread the language.

What makes this course special is that while most other courses do not teach good coding style, this course will focus on producing clean code and teaches you to make use of Kotlin’s amazing features to actually write better code than in Java. This way, you will get a huge benefit using Kotlin instead of Java, e.g. by avoiding boilerplate code around many Android APIs.

What This Course Is NOT

This course is not an Android reference, I assume you already have at least some Android experience. Instead, you’ll learn to write cleaner code for your apps by applying Kotlin’s powerful language features to avoid unnecessary ceremony around Android APIs. Also, at the end of the course, you’ll be able to use Kotlin for any kind of project — not just for Android apps.

What Students Say About Me (taken from “Kotlin for Beginners”)

“TLDR; One of the best Kotlin course for beginners on Udemy! I took some time to write this review and wanted to finish the course THEN watch other courses offered here on Udemy and THEN want to see how good Peter was in teaching me basics of Kotlin so that I can apply the knowledge while writing actual android apps. And I am happy to report that it has helped me immensely. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that the I was easily understanding the WHYs and WHATs even if the teacher wasn’t explaining in detail in other courses… Thank you Peter! You have taught me well! […]”

– Hasaan


Great introduction to Kotlin and programming for beginner programmers!”

– Per-Erik


Easy to follow, instructor goes at a great pace that’s friendly for beginners.”

– Ronaldo


beyond excellent!!!!

– Mike


“Great start so far. Looking forward to a great course. Best online course I have taken, by far!!

– James


“Found this to be a very good course to get an overview of Kotlin. Everything was explained clearly and the examples and exercises were very helpful. I’m glad that Peter is considering a course for Android using Kotlin since I’m curious about that subject.”

– James


What You’ll Learn

  • How to set up all you need for Android development using Kotlin (e.g. how to install Android Studio)
  • The basics of Kotlin: variables, null safety, immutability, conditionals, loops, functions, exception handling
  • Functional programming in Kotlin: higher-order functions, lambda expressions, lazy evaluation, lazy sequences, the Kotlin standard library
  • Object-oriented programming in Kotlin: all you know from Java + data classes, extension functions, smart casts, object declarations, differences from Java concerning inheritance
  • Android development with Kotlin: creating activities, layouts, menus, click listeners, working around unnecessarily complex Android APIs, improving SQLite transactions with extension functions, avoiding null in your code

…and much more! This course will grow based on your feedback.



What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a modern language for the JVM, and the only officially supported language on Android beside Java. It’s developed by Jetbrains, the makers of IntelliJ on which Android Studio is based.

Since Google’s announcement to officially support Kotlin in 2017, interest in the language has radically increased — and with it the number of tutorials, courses, books, and also job offers for Kotlin. It’s a great time to dive into this modern language and get ahead of other Android developers!

With its modern language design that incorporates industry best practices, Kotlin allows you to write highly expressive, understandable and safe code — while being 100% interoperable with Java. You can use any Java classes and methods from Kotlin and the other way around.

This courses shows you what language features I mean, and how you can apply them in order to write world-class code.

Who this course is for:
  • Android developers
  • Java developers
  • Anyone with some programming experience who wants to learn Kotlin for Android

Created by Peter Sommerhoff
Last updated 1/2019

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