Learn to Draw Pretty Faces for Comic Books


Learn to Draw Pretty Faces for Comic Books

Go from drawing good faces to draw drop dead gorgeous faces for comics

What you’ll learn

  • Draw pretty comic faces
  • Draw eyes, nose, hair, lips, etc that look pretty

  • Use a simple formula for always drawing a pretty face

  • Draw pretty faces from different angles
  • You only need to know the basics of drawing to take this course
  • Before starting this course, you must only need to know the basics of drawing


So, you have been searching for ways to draw pretty comic faces. You can stop. You found it. This course teaches everything you need to know in order to draw pretty faces for comics books, or just pretty faces in general.

This course is created for the beginner, but even an advanced comic artist can get something from it. It is taught in an easy to grasp way. I teach the hows and whys to draw things, which is really important and lacking in most “how to draw” courses.

Each lesson tackles one concept, then gives an exercise to do so you not just get the concept, but get better at drawing pretty faces.

Check out some of the free lessons. You will love them.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone that wants to draw pretty faces should take this course

Created by Neil Fontaine
Last updated 8/2016
English [Auto-generated]

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