Master Laravel 10 for Beginners & Intermediate 2023


Master Laravel 10: Build 5 Real-World Projects! Unlock Web Development Skills with In-Demand PHP Framework!

What you’ll learn

  • Eloquent – ORM for interacting with the database
  • Advanced features like Queues, Polymorphic relationships, Service Container
  • Learn all the theory while building a real application as you progress!
  • Setting up PHP with Apache on Windows and Mac
  • How to use Visual Studio Code effectively
  • Creating APIs, serializing data, API resources and API testing
  • Routes and Controllers
  • Laravel Tinker – command line playground to Laravel
  • Blade templates
  • Blade componenets
  • Creating Forms, CSRF tokens
  • One to One, One to Many, Many to Many relationships
  • Polymorphic relationships
  • Testing
  • Local and Global Eloquent Query Scopes
  • Database migrations
  • Database seeding and factories
  • Authentication (Guard)
  • Authorization (Policies and Gates)
  • Authorization
  • Caching
  • How to use queues
  • Files and file uploads
  • How to send e-mails
  • Observers, Events, Listeners and Subscribers
  • Localization
  • Services, Service Container, Contracts and Facades
  • Using Traits in Laravel – SoftDeletes and creating your own!


  • Basic PHP and Object Oriented Programming understanding


Get started on your Laravel journey with our comprehensive course designed for beginners! Laravel has emerged as the top pick among PHP developers for its simplicity, high performance, and wide-ranging suite of tools that streamline the web development process.

As PHP 8 unfolds, Laravel is all set to redefine your perception of PHP altogether. It’s like the Ruby on Rails of the PHP universe, and perhaps even superior. It’s expressive, fun, fluent, easy to master, and a breeze to use. Both newcomers and seasoned professionals can’t seem to get enough of it! Now, you have the opportunity to join this community of satisfied individuals who enjoy building things and earn while doing so.

Our Laravel course is all you’ll ever need to understand everything about this robust framework – setting it up, getting started, and leveraging its powerful capabilities for modern web development. We’ll cover in depth 5 key projects in 2023:

  1. Task List
  2. Book Reviews
  3. Event Management API
  4. Livewire Poll App
  5. Job Portal (our most extensive project)

Let’s pause the introduction here and take a look at what our students are saying about my courses:

“Amazing course! In-depth explanations, perfect talking pace, talks slow and is direct to the point. I had no previous knowledge in Symfony before starting, and this course gave me the confidence to start developing real-world apps using Symfony. You will learn a lot of the Symfony framework, and some other cool techniques like Ajax Calls, Testing, Server configuration and Continuous Deployment of your code.”

“This is a Fantastic Course for Symfony exceeds expectations!! Piotr is an experienced, knowledgeable, and serious developer. This course not only helped me to learn the inner workings of Symfony but also improve my OO PHP syntax, improve on git, get a better understanding of development stages, introduced me to cloud deployment … even CI/CD. From where I stand as a beginner, it’s a mini MVC developer course. Couldn’t recommend it enough. You will certainly learn. Thanks, Piotr.”

“Did the instructor write Symfony? He is very very knowledgeable.”

“This guy is by far the best instructor I’ve ever come across. I took his other Symfony course and advanced my understanding of the Framework more in a week than I have in the past year. This course has filled a ton of gaps. He understands the complex learning curve and it’s the relationship to the content he covers thoroughly… a rarity in teaching, never mind coding complex Frameworks. Just stick with the course.. you’ll have that ‘Aha!’ moment. I’m working on my own Symfony Framework based project(s) as I take this course… between Piotr, Github, and Google… it’s getting done! Two of the most effective courses I’ve ever taken. I can’t wait for what he puts out next.”

Don’t delay!

If you want to invest your time wisely, this course could be the most productive period you will have. You’ll feel completely at home with Laravel by the end of it.

Even if you’re pressed for time, we’ve got you covered. The course is designed to cater to your schedule. You can learn at your own pace. The first section will introduce you to Laravel’s basics, getting you started in just 3-4 hours. Once you’re ready for more, the course is here, waiting for you to dive in.

Who this course is for:

  • Any Novice PHP developer without previous framework exposure

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