MERN Stack Course – MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS


MERN Stack Course 2023 - MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS

Build Full Stack Application from Scratch with MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to build big full stack app from scratch
  • Learn how to connect Front-End application (React) with Backend application (Express, MongoDB, NodeJS)
  • Learn how to implement JWT for authentication and authorization
  • Learn how to implement React Hooks, Async/Await, React Router 6, Axios
  • Learn how to implement ES6 in Node
  • Learn how to deploy MERN app on Heroku
  • Learn best practices of Front-End and Server applications


  • Good Grasp of Javascript
  • Solid Understanding of ES6
  • React Basics
  • Node and Express Basics


What’s up everybody, this is John from Coding Addict and welcome to my MERN Stack course . During the course we will build full stack application (Jobify) from scratch, using MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js

During the course we will :

  • Create a front-end application from scratch (React)
  • Add normalize.css and global styles to React Application
  • Build bunch of nice looking pages (Landing, Error, Register, Dashboard, etc)
  • Setup nice looking images
  • Setup routing using React Router 6
  • Create a global context using createContext and utilize useContext hook
  • Setup a global state using useReducer hook
  • Create global Alert component
  • Create server application from scratch
  • Use ES6 Modules on the back-end
  • Implement “nodemon” package
  • Setup MongoDB database in the cloud (Atlas)
  • Create routes and controllers
  • Extensively test in POSTMAN
  • Validate Email
  • Utilize “express-async-errors” package
  • Setup error handling in Express
  • Hash passwords
  • Implement JWT for authentication and authorization
  • Connect front-end application with our server
  • Utilize “concurrently” package
  • Setup “proxy” in create-react-app
  • Programmatically navigate using React Router 6
  • Persist data in local storage
  • Compare passwords
  • Setup nested pages and protected route using React Router 6
  • Setup create layout using React Router 6
  • Implement logout functionality
  • Set JWT token in Postman programmatically
  • Implement various Axios configurations
  • Setup moment.js on the front-end and back-end
  • Complete CRUD functionality
  • Setup permissions on the server
  • Create mock data (Mockaroo) and populate the database.
  • Setup nice charts and cards
  • Implement search/filter functionality on the server and front-end
  • Implement pagination on the server and front-end
  • Deploy MERN application to Heroku

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who are familiar with React and Express Fundamentals and now want to learn how to build and deploy MERN application from scratch.

Created by John Smilga
Last updated 7/2023
English [Auto]

Size: 10.53 GB

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    Please update this course to the latest version of july,2023

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