Microservices Software Architecture: Patterns and Techniques


Microservices Software Architecture: Patterns and Techniques

Learn how to design and implement microservice systems using the right architecture design patterns and techniques

What you’ll learn
  • Learn about microservices architecture
  • Learn how to implement software architecture patterns for a distributed system to allow scalability whilst maintaining consistency
  • Learn techniques to help you in the design, development, deployment and monitoring of your microservice based system
  • Identify technical challenges and common pitfalls
  • Basic software development knowledge
  • Experience developing software in the industry would be a plus as it would help you appreciate some technical challenges better, but is completely optional


In this course you will learn in detail the software architecture patterns and techniques to develop robust and scalable microservices

We will go through techniques and design patterns that are required in enterprise architecture including :

  • Event Sourcing pattern
  • Saga pattern
  • Microservice Registration
  • Circuitbreaker pattern
  • API compostion
  • Two Phase Commit
  • Microservice Discovery
  • and more !

The course is structured around both video tutorials explaining different techniques and architecture patterns, and (optional) assignments to help make sure you’re understanding what we’re learning.

I’m also available to answer any queries you may have regarding any course material which you didn’t understand or would like further detail on.


Just in case you’re still not convinced if you should take this course, here are a couple of positive reviews from the hundreds I have received on my bestselling, top rated Udemy courses:

The course is comprehensive and well explained through clear and concise examples, and shows that the instructor is highly experienced in their field. Overall this course is excellent and highly appropriate for software developers looking to improve their architectural and programming skills, both beginners as well as more advanced programmers. I will be looking forward to more courses by the author in the future.” – J. Fusselberg

High quality videos, lectures are clear and to the point. This course is highly recommended for any developer who wants to move on to a senior position or software architect role. However, it will also be a good start for beginner to introduce them to proper coding practices early on.” –  Roberto de Souza

I look forward to seeing you in my course and hearing how the course has helped you progress in your career !

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers who are developing microservices
  • Software developers who are thinking of refactoring their current system to microservices
  • Software architects who want to improve their skills in designing microservices
  • Anyone who wants to learn about microservices and gain in-depth technical knowledge on how to design, structure and develop microservice based systems

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