Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)



Mindfulness Certificate Course (Level I, II, III and Master)

Become an Achology Certified Mindfulness Practitioner & Learn Everything you need to know about Practicing Mindfulness

What you’ll learn

  • This Mindfulness Practitioner course takes a practical approach towards teaching you to become more aware of yourself and other people in the midst of modern 21st-century life.
  • Teach Mindfulness-based concepts one-to-one, or in a group. Suitable for many professions such as teaching, social work, business, mental health, life coaching, psychotherapy and others.

  • How to establish a healthy relationship with others and create an environment that’s conducive to helping them to gain clarity & insight.

  • NOTE: This course is informative by nature, and teaches the core ideologies of Mindfulness instead of meditation & breathing practices.
  • Apply the full range of skills discussed throughout this course with confidence, on yourself & even on other people.
  • Develop your ability to overcome unwanted emotions, limiting thought patterns & unhelpful attitudes or habits.
  • Fully understand yourself. Become far more aware of how the mind processes, stores and recalls information consciously and unconsciously.
  • IMMEDIATE ACTION: Use the various downloadable Mindfulness resources that are provided within the course with others right away.
  • Take control of your life and begin living with more purpose and intentionality, rather than reacting to circumstances.
  • PLUS: Get access to our excellent online support community where you can practice your newfound skills today!
  • You do not need any prior knowledge (or experience) of Mindfulness to benefit the most out of this course. We will teach you everything you need to know.
  • The course contains 40+ Mindfulness worksheets, factsheets, and other printable resources. This Mindfulness Practitioner course is designed to develop you both personally and professionally.
  • Mindfulness is appreciated for its powerful techniques in enabling personal change. It achieves this by drawing on Philosophical, Theological, Psychological and universal life principles.
  • You can study from the comfort of your own home, favourite cafe, or anywhere and at any time. You can access your Mindfulness course lessons from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • This course took over five months to produce, drawing on all of Kain’s most crucial Mindfulness experiences while blending in the latest and most appropriate research. A range of additional course materials is also provided that will make this Mindfulness Practitioner Certification course useful, fascinating and fun.
  • Please enrol in the course with an open mind and without prejudice. Students who benefit the most from this training are those who reflect upon and APPLY the teachings personally.


Mindfulness is a ‘fully-conscious’ state of living that enables us to relate to our experiences with higher accuracy and clarity. Much of Western society perceives mindfulness to be ‘emptying one’s head of thought’, whereas the exact opposite is true.

Mindfulness involves being acutely aware of our thoughts, emotions, and why we do what we do. It means being aware in the moment and paying close attention to what is happening in the ‘here and now’, instead of focusing on our past memories or future predictions.

This Mindfulness Practitioner course enables anyone, anywhere, to develop, practise and teach pragmatic mindfulness in a personal, social or professional capacity, so long as the principles are applied with discipline.

Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master) is practically structured around three different domains of learning; direct teaching, theoretical frameworks and guided self-reflection. Each of these domains supports each other working in unison to provide you with an efficient online learning experience.

Throughout this comprehensive training, you will gain a grounded understanding of the psychology that underpins mindfulness; it’s philosophical foundations, the history of mindfulness alongside a broad range of today’s most relevant approaches, styles and techniques.

Through studying this Mindfulness Practitioner course, you will discover;

  • The difference between mindful awareness & the practice of meditation
  • How to deepen the connection between your head, heart & gut intuition
  • How Mindfulness can be applied in all personal & professional contexts
  • How Mindfulness models can be used to empower you or your clients
  • The crucial pragmatic factors that enable successful Mindful practice
  • The main thought-patterns that negate emotional health & wholeness
  • Limiting perceptions/beliefs that negate personal growth & development
  • The principles that underpin effective mindfulness coaching & inquiry
  • How to facilitate transformative change in others conversationally
  • And much, much more…


This Mindfulness certificate course will provide you with all the crucial ideas, insights and principles that are required to start your journey as a Master Practitioner. This course will guide you through the process of immediately becoming more mindfully aware in your current chosen vocation to make yourself a more conscious and valuable team member.

You will gain access to an abundance of course materials, containing six modules full of fascinating information, life lessons and thought-provoking activities. Your instructor will help you gain all the knowledge required to shape the foundations of becoming a grounded mindfulness practitioner and a conduit of change for others. With this course under your belt, you’ll be able to start practising right away.

There is no deadline for completing this course. You can fit the lessons around your other responsibilities and at your own pace. Anything up to six months is standard and very achievable. Upon finishing the course, you will have a deep understanding of the core ideas and processes that the world’s top Mindfulness Practitioners use to facilitate positive change in themselves and their clients.

Join over 28,500 other practitioners in training on his exciting journey of self-discovery and transformation. You will also learn numerous principles and disciplines that’ll help you to more effectively navigate your way through day-to-day life with absolute clarity, motivation and confidence. You’ll become fully aware on how to manage limiting beliefs, fears and unhelpful thought patterns.

Upon completing the final lecture, you can access your Achology certified Mindfulness Practitioner Certificate. Upon completion students are also invited to apply for Professional Membership within Achology (the Academy for Modern Applied Psychology), and begin putting all of their new found skills into practice right away.

This Mindfulness Practitioner Certification course contains elements from all the leading schools of philosophical thought, and if you’re less than fully satisfied with the programme, please claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Who this course is for:
  • Those who are passionate about personal growth and supporting people on their life journey.
  • This course lays foundation for those who want to become a professional Mindfulness practitioner.
  • Alternative therapists, counsellors, healthcare workers who want to broaden their understanding & skill set.
  • If you are already working as a counsellor, physical trainer, psychologist or psychiatrist you may also integrate mindful awareness learned through this course in your current role.
  • Those in positions of leadership, management and influence will develop valuable insights for better understanding their team members and/or customers.
  • Parents, role-models and teachers who wish to help young people find their path in life and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed.
  • Experienced life coaches, mentors, NLP/CBT/REBT Practitioners who want to build or expand their current practice with a fresh new helping process and way of thinking.
  • Students should have a keen interest in self-development and personal growth as well as a passion for learning how to use Mindfulness in supporting people on their life journey.

Created by Kain Ramsay, Achology Ltd
Last updated 11/2020

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