Python 4000: Linux Commands & DevOps Automation


Python 4000: Linux Commands & DevOps Automation

Testing and interacting with free & open operating systems using Python3

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what “DevOps” is, as well as how to perform “OpsDev,” “O2,” “D2,” R&D activities
  • Learn how to use vital Linux / POSIX inspired operating system (“Ops”) commands
  • Discover how to re-use operating system commands from Python (“Dev”)
  • Discover key differences between POSIX tooling on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Use Python to automate powerfull POSIX shells, commands, & tools
  • Learn de-facto standard utilties & commands that are not yet part of POSIX


  • Python 3 must be installed
  • Students must know how to use Python 3 collections, classes, as well as basic functions


This Python 4000 training opportunity has been designed for programmers interested in learning how to use GNU Linux commands & Python 3 to automate operating system activities. From AIX, Linux, Unix, and macOS, to the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, if you are confused about exactly what folks might mean when they say “POSIX” or “DevOps,” then this training is for you.

Software developers wanting to know how to run Linux & GNU commands on the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems via Cygwin will also enjoy this educational offering.

Who this course is for:

  • Python programmers who want to learn how to use Linux / GNU
  • Software developers who need to learn free & open, cross-platform, Python 3 / GNU / POSIX tools
  • DevOps personnel interested in learning how to use Python 3 to automate common chores

Created by Randall Nagy
Last updated 4/2020
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