Python Programming Full Course (Basics,OOP,Modules,PyQt)


Python Programming Full Course (Basics,OOP,Modules,PyQt)

The Complete Python Programming Course (Basics,OOP,Modules,PyQt) With More Than 100 Example And Final GUI Project

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn Python Basics
  • Learn How To Treat With Loops

  • Learn How To Treat With Conditions

  • Learn How To Define A Functions
  • Learn How To Treat With IO Files
  • Learn How To Treat With Errors Using Exception Handling
  • Learn More About Python Modules like time , OS
  • Learn What Is Object Oriented Programming
  • Learn How To Create A Class
  • Learn How To Treat With Objects , Self , Methods and Attributes
  • Learn How To Treat With Constructors , Inheritance And Polymorphism
  • Learn How To Write A Powerfull App Using Examples of Code
  • Nothing ^_^


When You Start Learning Python You Will Face Many Problems Like ..How To Study Programming .. ? How To Apply What You Have Learned ..?? How To Use Things You Have Learned ?? What Is After Basics .. ? What Is The Most Common Python Modules Should I Learn .. ? How To Develop Apps Like Download Managers Or Media Players ?? .How Can I Connect Every Thing I Have Learned To Make Useful Applications For Me ?? How To Think When You Face A problem & How To Solve It .. ???

All This Questions I Have Answered In This Course .. :

1: I Started From Scratch .. From What Is Programming ??

2: I Will Show You How To Install Python On Your Machine

3: I Will Teach You All Python Basics

4: Then We Will Learn Some Useful Python Modules

5: Then I Will Teach You Python Object Oriented Programming With Examples

6: Then I Will Explain Exception Handling In Details With Examples

7: Then We Will See Some Python Projects To Learn How To Think

8: Then i Will Teach You GUI With Python & PYQT

9: Then We Will Learn About Qt Widgets In Details

10: Then i Will Teach You How To Use Designer To Design Complex Applications

11:Then I Will Teach You How To Build A Download Application

12: Then I Will Teach You How To Make This App exe And Distribute it

13: I Solve All The Problems You Will Face To Learn And I Give You The Way To Solve Any Problem You Have

14: A lot Of Examples In Easy Way With Some Other Tips That Makes You A Greet Developer Waiting You .. Enroll Now And Start ^_^

Who is the target audience?
  • Any one Want To Understand and Learn Programming
  • Any one Want To Understand and Learn Python

Created by Mahmoud Ahmed
Last updated 7/2018
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