Selenium 4.0 LATEST Features, Docker & AWS Integration


Selenium 4.0 LATEST Features, Docker & AWS Integration

Learn and Master Selenium 4.0 latest features, Chrome DevTools Protocol, Grid 4, Docker, AWS Integration & CI/CD Jenkins

What you’ll learn

  • All latest features of Selenium 4.0
  • Migrating from Selenium 3 to 4.0
  • Many new updates and enhancement from Selenium 3
  • Relative Locators, Chrome DevTools Protocols, New Window and Tabs handling, Elements and Full page screenshot


  • Should have basic understanding of Core Java


Learn and Master Selenium 4.0 WebDriver W3C latest features, Chrome DevTools protocol, Grid 4 with Docker Integration, Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline, AWS EC2 Instance and many more.

One of the Biggest Selenium 4.0 course in the Industry to cover all major topics, updates and Enhancements

New Features:

New Feature: All New Relative Locators

New Feature: Elements Screenshot

New Feature: Full page screenshot

New Feature: Tabs and Popups

New Feature: Full screen and Minimizing Window

New Feature: Actions class changes

New Feature: Change in Wait

New Feature: Element size

New Feature: has authentication

New Feature: Print to PDF

New Feature: CDP (Chrome DevTools Protocol)

  1. Handle SSL certificates
  2. Mocking GEOLocations
  3. Emulating Device screen dimensions
  4. Blocking network request
  5. Testing slow network / network speed
  6. MOC TimeZone values
  7. Getting console logs
  8. Getting header information
  9. Customizing Headers
  10. Test Network performance
  11. User Agent
  12. Get URL information for Request and Response

New Feature: Page Load Strategy


Changes in TimeUnit

Removed Deprecated FindElementBy methods

Changes in Actions API

Browser capabilities

Selenium Grid 4 Detailed configuration, Integration with Docker, Parallel test execution and video recording of test case execution

Amazon Webservices AWS integration to run the Selenium test on the Cloud platform

During the course you will get complete support in your queries in less than 24 hrs TAT

After successfully launching Selenium with Many live projects and Automation architect 9 live projects courses here’s the next level of Latest Series on Selenium 4. So if you have little background of Core Java and Manual Testing, this course will make you an expert in Selenium 4.0 features with tons of new examples and a great learning experience.

Happy Learning !!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn latest version of Selenium i.e. Selenium 4.
  • Selenium 3 testers who wants to migrate to Selenium 4

Created by Rahul Arora
Last updated 12/2021
English [Auto]

Size: 4.55 GB

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