Swift 4 Language A Complete Overview With IOS 11 CoreML App


Swift 4 Language, A Complete Overview With IOS 11 CoreML App

Learn Swift 4 from basics to paid professional! With CoreML (Machine Learning)

What Will I Learn?

  • Students will be able to go from understanding the basics to advanced concepts.
  • Students will be exposed to real world app development to complete their training.
  • Begin to understand introductory design and be one step closer to writing real world applications.
  • Understand Intro to Mac and IOS Applications
  • Learn How To Build A Photo Recognition App Using IOS 11
  • Little to no experience required
  • Can have either Mac or Windows; prefer to use Mac

This course will provide a foundation to basic and advanced swift concepts, not only to swift but also to many other languages; as many of the topics covered will transcend to multiple languages. Are you new to programming? well this is a great place to start for those who need programming to be demystified; And at the same time who are interested in developing apps for the apple store. This course will give you your first steps towards meeting those goals. Please leave your kind comments below.

Best Practices (Please Read):

The best way to use this course:

1.) Watch the lecture. Seems self explanatory so let me elaborate; I would prefer students to put your pencils down(not write any code) and watch closely to the lecture and its content. This will allow you to download all important information to your brain before trying it yourself. Also, watch the class in order from beginning to end; students sometimes like to jump ahead, this I cannot recommend doing. The way this class is structured is intended to be done from start to finish line.

2.) After each lecture, please note that the code covered in class is readily available for download. It is my expectation of the student to download this code and load it into their environments to play around and be creative. This is the exercise I expect students to do before moving onto the next lecture. This is an important time for students to go and break things; that’s right break the code I give you. In learning to code especially, you learn from fixing what is broken! So I encourage the student to be creative with how they want to treat the downloadable resources; There are no wrong ways to approach this method of learning on your own.

3.) As the facilitator of your learning, if you get stuck on something or would like to share with the class your experience, please add your thoughts and comments to the Q and A section of this course. An open dialogue with myself or other students will reinforce the ideas covered in the lectures.

Note: The brutal truth to learning how to code, is that there are “no free lunches” or experiences of instant gratification. Coding is learned through brute force and trial and error. This method of learning never goes away, as I myself go through it everyday. This class is about learning how to learn, and improving the problem solving skills that you will need to succeed not only in this course, but with the rest of your careers as programmers.

Who is the target audience?
  • Class is for beginners who are thinking of trying Swift out as their first or next language

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Last updated 8/2017

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