The Complete Cypress 12+ Course: From Zero to Expert!


Write Automated UI & API test scripts using JavaScript or TypeScript(E2E Testing Type).

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Cypress from scratch based on official documentation
  • Automatic Waiting Functionality Explained
  • UI Testing & Selector Strategies
  • Patterns: Page Object Model, and UI Custom Commands
  • API Testing with Token & Recommend Assertion Types
  • Github Actions & Parallel Execution + Cypress Dashboard
  • Cypress Origin & Cypress Session
  • Cucumber BDD Template Project + Reports
  • More content soon!


  • Basic understanding of Javascript or a related programming language.
  • Typescript is optional. You will learn the very basics in the process.


Up to date with Cypress 12.0.0

You will learn Cypress Automation Basics(E2E testing type only) from scratch with multiple scenarios and good practices.

Just JavaScript basic knowledge is necessary. I will develop examples using TypeScript, but If you understand JavaScript, you’ll be capable to understand and develop your first TypeScript scripts with my support.

What is Cypress io?

Cypress test framework is becoming one of the BEST web automation frameworks to setup your test automation scripts for E2E testing and Component testing. It is a great tool because is pretty easy to install, maintain, and write test scripts. Also, you can easily configure it with the most known CI/CD tools in the market. Learn Cypress Test Automation Today!

Cypress overview & feature highlight:

Cypress comes with a beautiful test runner that is going to help you as a QA Engineer to debug your test scripts, travel back in time to see what happened during the execution, and is perfect to change between your scripts with a friendly UI.

But also, you do not need the test runner, you only need to run command to run a full suite and get an HTML report.

Cypress is changing fast, and part of my objetive is bring to my students the newest features, and good practices to the course.

Here are some high level topics that you will understand if you take this course:

  1. Introduction: What is Cypress?
  2. Installation and recommendations
  3. What is Mocha? What is Chai?
  4. How to get or visit a website
  5. Find web elements by CSS or XPath locators
  6. Retryability: No need of wait type configurations (as we used to do in Selenium WebDriver)
  7. Actions(Click, hover, tables)
  8. Real UI Scenarios: Viewport, Checkboxes, Buttons, Links, Broken Images, Download a file, Upload a File, Iframes, autocomplete,and so on.
  9. Page Object Model vs Actions(Custom Commands)
  10. Advanced scenarios: Cookies, Fixtures, Aliases, Share Context, Excel Handling, Database Testing(MySQL), debugging, etc)
  11. Cypress dashboard integration and CI/CD parallel execution with GitHub Actions.

New content will be added with your requests. I am planning to also cover Docker, CI/CD, and Cucumber in the near future.

Note: Recording the course I was a bit nervous, and I made some English mistakes during the explanations. Hope you understand it, and check the notes with the corrections.

Who this course is for:

  • QA Manual Testers
  • Automation Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • QA Leads
  • Test Engineers
  • Software Developers in Test
  • Web Developers
  • Testers

Created by Joan Esquivel Montero
Last updated 12/2022
English [Auto]

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