The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course



Learn To Trade The Stock Market by A Trading Firm CEO. Inc: Technical Analysis, Candlesticks, Stocks, Day Trading +++

What you’ll learn

  • Completely understand how the stock market works.
  • Know the process that a company goes through to become a Publicly Traded Company.

  • Know the history of the Stock Market and it’s Evolution.

  • Master Technical Analysis: Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patters, Volume and Technical Indicators.
  • Filter out the noise, get to know what our traders use and how they think. Get insight from a professional trader’s standpoint.
  • How to send Orders and different Order Types.
  • Different Exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX.
  • Risk Management: how to reduce losses and manage overall portfolio risk.
  • Money Management: how to manage risk on each position, how many shares to buy, and where to take a loss.
  • How to short sell so you can make money is the market goes down.
  • Trading Psychology: become an Expert in human Emotions and the different Biases that hold us back from achieving Great Success.
  • An Open Mind & Willingness to Learn


This is the same introductory course that our Full-Time Traders at the Proprietary Trading Firm Montreal Trading Group have taken before being employed by the company.

This course not only includes the material that is required to be successful in Trading but also the way that we interpret the different types of information in real time to make the best Trading decisions possible.

You will be learning from Mohsen Hassan, who is the owner of Montreal Trading Group (A proprietary Trading Firm that has 14 Full Time Traders and several Million dollars in Buying Power).

So whether you want to generate some side income by trading stocks or if you want to make trading your only source of income (like our Traders), then this course is for you.

In This course we will cover beginner and Intermediary level information to get you on the right path to becoming a successful and consistently profitable Trader. On top of all the material thought we will be giving you our personal tricks, techniques and views on the stock market that have tremendously fast-tracked our success.

This is a full course separated in 2, this is the 1st part of the series.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to decrease their learning curve by learning from a Trading Firm CEO.
  • Traders who are starting out and Intermediary level Traders who are not yet consistently profitable.
  • Anyone who wants to Day-Trade or Swing-Trade the Stock Market.
  • People who want to learn the most important concepts that are needed to become successful in trading.
  • Investors who want to better time their entries and exits to increase their returns.

Created by Mohsen Hassan
Last updated 4/2022
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    Title: Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies
    Author: Mohsen Hassan

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    Hi, upload the advance course too, and his other two courses. Thanks
    Title: Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies
    Author: Mohsen Hassan

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