The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course – Build 20 Apps


The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course – Build 20 Apps

Use Xcode 9 & Swift 4 to make real apps like Uber and Instagram, with CoreML & ARKit. Includes AWS Credit and much more.

What Will I Learn?
  • Develop any iOS app you want
  • Become a professional iOS developer
  • Build apps for your business or organisation
  • Get app development jobs on freelancer sites
  • No pre-knowledge required – I’ll teach you everything you need to know
  • A Mac laptop or iMac (or Windows PC running OSX)
  • No paid software is required – all coding is done using Xcode 9 (which is free)


*** Now Updated For Xcode 9.2 January 2018 ***

Dreaming of developing an app?

Maybe you’ve got a vision, some inspiration and you’re ready to learn?

Or maybe, you’re looking to get ahead at work? Become an expert coder… be star of the show…

Or, maybe you’re looking for a complete career change?

Either way, you’re here because you wanna make something BRILLIANT… life changing…. IMMENSE…

Then congratulations!! Nick Walter and I have built The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course just for you.

I mean, check out what Apple says about iOS 11…

“iOS 11 sets a new standard for the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. Your apps can now become more intelligent using the power of machine learning with Core ML. You can create incredible augmented reality experiences with ARKit. And you can deliver a more unified and immersive user experience with new multitasking features, including drag and drop for iPad, the new Files app, new camera APIs, new SiriKit domains, Apple Music integration, and more.”

What does all this mean for you?

  • More power…
  • More possibilities…
  • More va-va-voom…

So why choose MY course over others?

I’m Rob Pervical, Udemy’s all time bestselling instructor, with over 600,00 students. Take a peek at my iOS 10 course and you’ll read things like:

***** Excellent explanation, right pace. Appreciate the exercises together with solutions right at the end of each part. Nice compromise between depth and overall view. Good Job!  P. Leikauf

***** This course is simply too good. Rob does a great job in explaining and it is very easy to understand. Also, all the challenges are very interesting and I am loving it !! 🙂 V. Saravana

***** This course is so well planned out with the perfect blend of teaching vs challenging. I love the fact that as each and every minute goes by in the videos I am becoming a better swift programmer. Well worth every cent!!!!  M.Fenech

But enough about me! What about YOU?

My guess is you’re looking to shake things up a bit.  Change career, rev up your earning potential, sock it to the man… Am I right?

Well, if you sign up today…. you really can.  And this is what you’ll get to set you up for success..

Sign up now and immediately access:

  • A colossal 34 hours of rigorously tested, five-star pro content
  • A complete toolkit to get designing your own apps with iOS 11, Swif 4, ARKit, MLKit, MusicKit and the new Depth Photo API.
  • PLUS → A side-scrolling running game (like a Super Mario clone) AND a new Bluetooth app
  • $100 AWS credit – instantly.

And, like all my other courses you get my ULTIMATE JUMBO BONUS BUNDLE →→→→

  • $200 worth of unlimited web hosting (for a whole year) *Limited to one year per student not per course*
  • Instant access to my five-star rated book: How to Earn $10,000 While Learning To Code
  • Your very own graphical asset library, worth $300 and featuring over 1000 backgrounds, icons and buttons.

Wait, still not convinced?

I really am so confident you’re going to love this course, I’ll give you your money back within 30 days — if you’re not completely happy.

Ready to jump in? GREAT.

Click that BUY NOW button to your right… or read on for the full course outline.

***** Very thorough clear explanations of swift development concepts. Best iOS development course I’ve tried so far. J. McCraw

***** From knowing nothing about makings app, I feel confident with being able to construct my own apps now. I’m only mid section 5 right now. Excellent course! H Hazari

  • XCode and Interface Builder
  • Inputs, Buttons, and Reactive Interfaces
  • Apple’s New Programming Language: Swift
  • Variables, Arrays, Tables, and Loops
  • Navigation, Storage, and Live Content
  • Images, Maps and Music
  • Accelerometers and Motion Feedback
  • Core Data and JSON
  • Online Storage With Parse
  • Games and the Sprite Kit
  • Instagram and Snapchat Clones
  • App Store Submission
  • Making a Marketing Website For Your App

Novice? Beginner? Programmer? Pro-developer?

Yes, this course is absolutely for YOU. Whatever stage you’re at.

Beginner? No problem. We start with the basics. Already coding? Good. This is the perfect refresh for your skills…  It’s all about building your confidence at this stage.

How? Because you’re literally building apps as you go. There’s no better, or more exciting (or efficient) way to learn.   We know you’re busy. We know you wanna get started. And we hear you!

You’ll find the lectures whizz by, as you dash through each one, picking up my most powerful strategies for using iOS 11 — and quickly tessellating them into your own projects.

You’ll be staggered at how quickly you’ll pick things up (and how you barely notice as we shift things up a gear) into more advanced apps like x and x, using x, x and x.

Imagine how you’ll feel after building own version of Super Mario World?  According to this guy, pretty awesome, amIright?

***** The videos are awesome, the teaching is awesome, the examples are awesome. I started with never having built an app on iOS and now I am extremely comfortable building apps. I don’t know why you would need any other course for iOS development. Just in case I was not clear: this course is awesome. S. Ramakrishnan

Look: you don’t need to remortage your home or sign away three years of your life…

I recommend taking this course in six weeks. Power through it faster if you really want to, or take things easy and enjoy the ride in your own time.

That’s the beauty of The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course – it fits around you, your life and it doesn’t a fortune. Pretty transformative, right?

***** I had quite a bit of background in c++ before taking this course. Above all, I am so happy to have found that Rob’s style of coding is exactly the same as mine. It is very “airy”, clean, spaced out, and extraordinarily easy to read. Simply speaking, this class is exactly what you are looking for. J. Barr

***** Excellent course, very easy to follow along with and makes learning Swift actually fun and entertaining. T. McGee

Help when YOU need it

Need support? Absolutely. My team and I are here to answer your questions. Just hop on email, Twitter or the Udemy forums and we’ll get back to you. Simple as that. We don’t bite — and genuinely, we love hearing your incredible success stories… Got a suggestion for making things better? This is your course, and we want your feedback. Whatever it is, we’re here for you.

***** Really well paced and informative. All my questions get answered super quick. One of, if not the best swift courses on udemy. J. Albertyn

***** Great course- shows you how to effectively build on top of prior knowledge. I’ve coded before, but never in iOS, so this is great for total beginners or people who haven’t coded in awhile and want to improve or learn a new environment. He breaks it down so Xcode doesn’t seem like a scary interface anymore. S. Hernandez

Join thousands of my happy students and start building your dream apps, today.

 “OK, I’m sold Rob – what do I need to get started?”

  • Your brain, this course and a laptop/computer – nothing more, nothing less
  • No pre-knowledge required
  • A Mac is required, but no special software or fancypants hardware required

Can I really become an expert app developer with this course?

Sure! Check out my bio to see how I changed careers by teaching people to code.  It’s been the best decision I ever made. I can spend more time with my family, enjoy the freedom of working for myself and all the amazing benefits that comes with that.

Whoever you are, wherever you are; this course is designed to get you up and coding like a pro. The rest is up to you.  The opportunities are out there – they’re just waiting to be grasped. And with this course, you’ll be in the right place to do just that.

So don’t hang around. Start now and become the expert app developer you’ve always dreamed of.

And don’t forget, you get ALL those bonuses, the e-book, the $100 AWS vouchers, the free web hosting for a year and support from me and my team… AND a 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not completely happy.

You really have got nothing to lose!

Click that the buy now button… and let’s begin your adventure, today.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to build apps
  • People wanting to make a living (or side-income) from app development
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code

Created by Rob Percival, Nick Walter, Codestars by Rob Percival
Last updated 3/2018
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