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The Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Bootcamp 2018

Join 19000+ students and learn SEO from the best SEO Course! Become a SEO professional from a beginner in no time!

What Will I Learn?
  • Rank your website on Search Engines
  • Understand what SEO is and how it works
  • Understand how search engines work
  • Learn how to make your websites optimized for Crawlers and Spiders
  • Understand what Keywords are learn how to use them properly
  • Master how to research keywords
  • Determine a Good keyword vs a Bad keyword
  • Learn the Technical SEO factors
  • Learn how to Optimize your websites for Search Engines and user
  • Learn how to Optimize your content, including videos, articles, product descriptions
  • Understand what Backlinks are
  • Do Follow and No Follow links
  • Know the different types of links
  • Master how to make a proper link building campaign
  • Learn how to use Social Media Properly to get backlinks
  • Understand why Speed is an important ranking factor
  • Learn how to use modern technologies to find out your websites speed
  • Learn how to Optimize your media such as images, videos and Gif to load quickly
  • Know what SEO techniques can damage your site
  • Know what SEO techniques are now Obsolete and expired
  • Know which white hat SEO techniques in the past are now considered black hat
  • A computer with internet connection.


Join 16,000+ students from 140+ countries in this SEO course! 

Welcome to The Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Bootcamp.

If you want to master Search Engine Optimization, build a strong base about the subject, learn the advanced techniques and rank your site #1 on search engines in the least amount of time and cost, you have come to the right place!

We have helped 1000’s of people to master SEO from scratch, rank their website #1 on search engines, get remote SEO jobs and even launch their own Digital Marketing companies.

If you have no experience, don’t worry! This course is the perfect fit for you. This course will be the best choice you make in your step-by-step journey towards being a professional SEO Expert.
This course was made in 2018 according to all the latest SEO Ranking factors.

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do after taking this course:

  • Rank #1 on Google and other search engines
  • Properly research keywords
  • Learn how to get Backlinks
  • Apply for SEO jobs
  • Work as an SEO freelancer
  • Launch an SEO Agency

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to rank their own websites
  • Those who are looking to get a job as an SEO professional
  • People who are looking to add SEO in their Skills list
  • Business owners
  • Students and tech enthusiasts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers

In The Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Bootcamp we will learn how to rank hand-coded sites, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix and other type of sites on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others.

If you are absolutely new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you should start at the beginning of the course and go to the end.
I’ve designed this course to take you down a guided learning path.

Learn everything from SEO factors to Negative SEO factors, master these factors and implement them on your website to get top ranking in search engines.

Why should you buy this course? 

We decided to make this course first when we found out that most of the courses on this topic are outdated, these courses were made back in 2015-16 and the titles of these courses are changed every year. 90% of the courses with 2018 title are actually made back in 2015 or 2016. We released this course in January 2018 and within a month we got more students than 3-4 years old courses.

Secondly we believe time is precious. In our course you will not find a minute of unnecessary fillers. What others are teaching in 10 hours (By adding fillers and unnecessary talks), we teach more than that in just 1.5 hours. We prefer quality over quantity!

When you purchase this course you get Life Time Access, Free regular updates, access to the Glitchybot community group, Instructor support and  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

( ONE DAY COURSE: This is a one day course. We have designed this course in such a way that students can learn everything they should know about the subject in 1 day. In online courses most of the students are unable to complete long courses and get demotivated and thus consider the subject difficult. Our aim, with this course, is to create a course that teaches the student SEO in such a way that they find it interesting and easy and keep it to-the-point and avoid unnecessary and outdated stuff. This course will provide you with a very solid foundation of SEO, we explain concepts with diagrams and simplify it so that one can easily digest the information. After you complete the course you’ll have alot of knowledge on SEO and you’ll be ready to start working on ranking your site #1)

Ready to get started?

Enroll now and I’ll See You In The Course!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn SEO. This course will take you from a beginner to a paid professional.

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