The Complete VestaCP Course – Nginx + Apache + MySql + PHP


The Complete VestaCP Course - Nginx + Apache + MySql + PHP

Complete LAMP and LEMP Stack with GUI using Vesta Control Panel : Install Nginx , Apache , Mysql , PHP and Many Others

What Will I Learn?

  • install vesta control panel in different models like LAMP and LEMP
  • Create and Customize there VPS with Desired Config

  • Manage the whole server with GUI

  • Migrate your old websites to new Vesta Server
  • Secure your Vesta Server using 4096 bit SSL and Other Security Measures
  • if using linux or Mac, you shold know how to use terminal
  • if using windows, you should know how to install basic softwares


This Course Teaches you How to master Servers and Hosting
and you can Start a Decent Hosting Business after Completing this Course
and even you can save 100’s of dollars on your existing hosting solutions.

Are you looking for something that is Practical and Industry Standard in Managing Servers ?

CPanel is the most common solution but it is Not Open Source!

This Course is Dedicated to the Most Cleanest Panel in this World that is Vesta Control Panel.

Vesta can be used for a Web Hosting Business or as a Personal Solution for Web Hosting Needs

Majority of People want to have a Fast and Reliable hosting service but Leading Service Providers charge a lot higher than it should be. and Some day you will definitely need to move to a VPS and then to your own Dedicated Servers. so why not to start it now?

The Main Problem with VPS and Dedicated Servers is Maintenance, but Vesta CP makes it Automated most of the part and makes it extremely easy to manage using a very clean Graphical User Interface.

Though as a Power System User, you do not loose anything as Vesta has a Great API and CLI Mode as well

Let’s change the way you look at servers and hosting solutions

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for all those students who want to make their own server with LAMP or LEMP
  • People who like to use Graphical User Interface to manage server
  • Anyone who is intrested in Vesta Control Panel
  • Anyone who want to have a easy to manage high performance server
  • Anyone who want to start a Web Hosting Business

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