The JavaScript Course 2021: Build Modern JavaScript Projects


The JavaScript Course 2021: Build Modern JavaScript Projects

Learn Modern JavaScript. Master JavaScript with Projects and Build Your Portfolio. JavaScript Bootcamp.

What you’ll learn

  • Practice modern JavaScript (Arrow functions, Asynchronous programming with Fetch API, Async/Await, etc.)
  • Build beautiful JavaScript projects from scratch and add them to your portfolio
  • Practice Vanilla JavaScript and HTML5, CSS3
  • Canvas


  • This course is NOT for absolute beginners!
  • Solid basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Be able to create JS functions, arrays, objects, etc.



Five big reasons WHY this course is a perfect fit for YOU:

1. This is a project-based course that will help enrich your portfolio and practice modern JavaScript.

2. This JavaScript course will be growing gradually – more and more new projects will be added to it.

3. It is 100% up-to-date and it will always be! We place great importance on having all our courses 100% current.

4. This course will challenge you and help grow your JavaScript skills because every project is explained in detail, with supportive visuals where necessary.

5. We will be with you – we respond to every question from our students because the success of our students is Priority #1.

No frameworks or anything like that will be used! With this course you will practice Vanilla JavaScript. Being confident in JavaScript is the key to success in learning React, Angular, Vue.js, etc. JavaScript is a fundamental skill!

ATTENTION: You should have solid basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you are an absolute beginner, we would suggest first taking The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course – BOOTCAMP 2021 where we explain HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript from scratch.

In this course, you will build and learn:

1. Virtual Piano

2. Slider

3. Weather App

4. Canvas

5. Panda

+ More Projects to Come

Let’s build your portfolio together and solidify your JavaScript skills! See you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Want to learn how to build JavaScript web projects on their own
  • Want to enrich their portfolio and solidify the JavaScript skills

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Last updated 3/2021
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