The Nuxt 3 Bootcamp – The Complete Developer Guide


Build complex & engaging Vue apps with Nuxt3. Nuxt3 provides universal rendering, file based router, and other features

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the additional features that Nuxt provides on top of Vue, like universal rendering, auto importation, and file based routing
  • Utilizing Nuxt to build production ready application with based development practices
  • Leveraging the many Nuxt 3 composables like useFetch, useAsyncData, useState or useMeta
  • Implementing routing with a file based approach


  • Basics of Vue 3
  • Basics of JavaScript


This is the most comprehensive Nuxt 3 course on the market. You will learn many of Nuxt’s incredible features all while build six real world projects. With each new project we will dive deep into more and more advanced Nuxt 3 concepts. By the end of the course you can proudly label yourself as a Nuxt expert!

What you’ll learn

In the introduction, you will learn exactly what Nuxt is and problems it solves. You will learn about client-side rendering and compare it with universal rendering.

In the first project, we will refresh your Vue 3 knowledge by building an app with the composition API. We will also learn about TypeScript and how Nuxt handles components.

In the second project, we will dive deeper into the Nuxt ecosystem. We will learn about file-based routing, layouts, and defining page metadata.

In the third project, we will learn all about how we can globally manage state with composables.

In project number four, we will learn how to make HTTP requests by using useFetch and useAsyncData.

In the fifth project, we will leverage the powers of Nuxt to build our very own REST API and utilizing it in the client.

Lastly, in the sixth project, we will integrate our app with Supabase to leverage it’s authentication and SQL database services.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to ease the Vue development process by harnessing the powers of NuxtJS
  • Anyone that wants to build universal rendered web application

Created by Laith Harb
Last updated 1/2023
English [Auto]

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