Vue JS Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router


Vue JS Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router

Have limited time to learn Vue, Vuex, and Vue Router? Take this course and learn Vue in 11 hours!

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand how to create interesting Vue applications
  • Use Vuex to manage and update data stored in application state
  • Navigate users between pages using Vue Router
  • Authenticate users with an advanced OAuth2 flow
  • Build beautiful drag and drop image upload
  • Style content intelligently using CSS Grids
  • Basic knowledge of Javascript


State management with Vuex? Yep.  Drag and drop image upload? Covered!  Authentication with OAuth2?   Its here!

If you’re looking to learn Vue, Vuex, and Vue Router in record time you’re in the right place!  I built this course to help you understand Vue in a fraction of the time that other courses requires.  You’ll find absolutely no filler content here, only direct, accurate, and concise explanations of exactly how Vue works.

Vue is an extremely popular front end Javascript framework made for developing dynamic and interactive web apps.  Vue has grown tremendously in popularity in the last few years, and is poised to overtakeeven React and Angular as the king of all web frameworks.  The secret of Vue is its simplicity – a little bit of knowledge of how Vue works goes a long way!  To help you master Vue, I built this course specifically tailored to be completed in the smallest amount of time possible.  No time is spent with unnecessary or unimportant topics, only the most relevant information is presented.

In just 11 hours, you can become a master of Vue!

Vue can be used by itself, but it gets even better when used with Vuex and Vue Router as well.  Vuex is a state management framework, which is used to fetch, store, and move data around your application.  In this course, you’ll get a deep understanding of how Vuex works and how it works so well with Vue by getting plenty of practice fetching data, storing it, and then retrieving it for use inside of a Vue application.  Vue Router is used to navigate users around to different pages in a single page application.  Vue Router is incredibly simple to get started with – you’ll master its inner workings after I show you one simple example.

Throughout this course, you’ll get practical experience with the following:

  • Producing dynamic, responsive applications using Vue
  • Upload images to a remote server using drag and drop image upload
  • Log users into your app using OAuth2 Authentication
  • Use a cutting edge project boilerplate with Vue CLI
  • Reduce the amount of code you write using Template Directives
  • Communicate between components using Props and Events
  • Update Vue components using reactive data properties
  • Progamatically navigate users around your application using Vue Router
  • Model application data using the powerful Vuex framework
  • Persist information stored in your app using Local Storage
  • Develop a master-level understanding of the differences between imperative and declarative programming
  • Learn how Vue gives developers multiple tools to accomplish task, and know which the best is for you

All of these topics are communicated with the utmost respect for your learning time.  Every section has been written and re-written to be as concise as possible.  If you want to learn Vue as fast as possible then look no further!  Sign up today and master Vue!

Who is the target audience?
  • Engineers looking to harness the power of Vue
  • Beginners learning about web development

Created by Stephen Grider
Last updated 8/2023
English [Auto-generated]

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