Web Application Penetration Testing Using Burp Suite


Web Application Penetration Testing Using Burp Suite

Learn Burp Suite: Swiss Army Knife for penetration testers and bug bounty hunters

What you’ll learn

  • The first step to becoming a Professional penetration tester or Bug Bounty hunter.
  • Know the in & out of Burp Suite, and numerous test cases in which it can be used.

  • Understand how Burp Suite can be used to find interesting web application vulnerabilities and make money by bug bounty.

  • A working computer
  • Burp Suite community edition (Free version)
  • Will to learn
  • Hacker mindset


Hello, security professionals and hackers. Welcome to this full fledged course on being Zero to One in web application penetration testing using Burp Suite. This course will mainly be focussing on using Burp suitewhich is also known as the Swiss Army Knife for penetration testers and bug bounty hunters. If you are new to this field, then just remember that proper use of this tool will lead you to get a lot and lot of bugs easily. It is a complete package in itself and there are so many different tools inside it. We will get to see all of those tools in each video.

Why should you take this course?

Reason 1: Ask anyone about their favorite tool while bug hunting. Whether they have 5+ years experience in security field or 1 year, anyone having some experience in this field will tell you to first learn Burp Suite. And yes, it’s the fact. Not only as a proxy, BurpSuite has features like Repeater, Intruder, and Decoder which are surely the perfect set of weapons you need in your arsenal. If you don’t know what they are, don’t worry. That is why we have prepared this course for you to understand and practice these features which will help you find good quality bugs.

Reason 2: It’s FREE. Yes, almost all the features in Burpsuite(except Scanner) comes along with the Free version. There is a pro version of BurpSuite also and we will recommend it only when you get good with the Free version. Nothing fascinates a hacker more than free things because resources should be free and that is what it is. Only for the exception of one video, all the videos are based on the Free version of Burpsuite, so you won’t need to get anything except a working PC and internet connection plus the will of learning.

Reason 3: This course is for everyone. Don’t hesitate to take this course just because you are thinking that this will be a fancy course teaching about Rocket Science. We have thoroughly thought how we can be useful to even the least knowledgeable person in the security field to make them understand about this tool. All the labs and setup, how to download, install and use Burpsuite will build upon that slowly and steadily. There is a specific video for each tool making it easy for you to refer again in the future if you get stuck on how to use that tool.

We think these reasons are enough to make you take this course. Security is a necessity in this modern era. If you want to be a White-hat hacker, then this is something you will need to learn. We are providing you with the best that can be offered by giving you every possible practical demonstration in these videos. So what are you possibly waiting for? Let’s take a deep dive to security and Burp suite together.:)

Who this course is for:
  • Interested in Ethical Hacking, Beginner, Experienced professional developer interested in changing field

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