C covered with Pointers and Strings [Deep Study]


C covered with Pointers and Strings [Deep Study]

Pointers and Strings: Learn the core concepts of Pointers and Strings in C language. All concepts are covered in deep.

What you’ll learn

  • This course will provide you insight into the advances of C
  • This course on C advanced concepts will introduce you to the concepts of strings and pointers and their effective use.

  • You will get to build a technological concepts

  • You will get to know the programming world with the view of pointers and strings
  • A computer and internet connection
  • A compiler
  • A text editor
  • Focus and will to make your name in the programming world


Your hunt is now over to  get a sound knowledge of C programming language

This is the right course for you to learn the advanced concepts of C programming language. This gives you a sound knowledge of the main concepts of C computer language.

Some benefits offered by this course are as follows:

  • You would be able to learn all the main concepts from scratch.
  • The examples are displayed on the screen so that you could understand all the concepts better.
  • This course speeds up your process of writing codes by explaining you all the concepts in the smoothest possible way.
  • This course is designed in such a way that all the front end concepts that you need to know in today’s scenario are covered in it.

The main concepts that are explained in these videos are pointers and strings. The way to use their commands is explained in depth. By taking this course you would master C language and could stand at great heights in your field. All the concepts are explained with examples so as to clear every concept in an easy way.

There are basic requirements for this course. If you are keen to learn computer languages then you would already have a little knowledge of coding C. then this is what this course needs, just a little knowledge of C language. If by any chance, you do not have much knowledge of coding through C language then it is not an issue as the way all the concepts are explained makes it very cosy to understand. The only mandatory thing to learn this programming language is to practice.

This course is going to benefit you in many ways. You would stand ahead in your field with the highest pay as you would have mastered this language. You would write your own codes and at last you would be able to understand others codes and help them enhance their skills by teaching them. Teaching is the best way to learn concepts to the core as what I’m doing here you can do later to strengthen your concepts.

Go on guys and enroll now. Get keen to learn your favorite computer language.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners. Intermediates and advanced level learners
  • People with little knowledge of programming willing to develop concepts of strings and pointers
  • Aspiring programmers
  • Students finding difficulty in the advanced C concepts

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