How to Create Educational Course Website Using WordPress


How to Create Educational Course Website Using WordPress

Find New Inspiration to Integrate Your Business and Idea with New Online Trends

What Will I Learn?

  • will be able to Design a Full Functional e Business website
  • Find Educational online solution for your school, learning center and Institution

  • Learn how to Create Online Courses

  • Learn how to Create Online Quiz and Survey for Your Organization
  • Find new inspiration to integrate your Business and Idea with new Online Trends
  • Have a computer or iPad or Smart Phone
  • Basic IT Knowledge like send an email


This course is targeting students without IT background but want to have a stake in the eCommerce and owe a Website at lowest cost, as my title mentioned: Nearly Free.  This course is specially design for Educational purpose. The company may use the platform to corporate training purpose, like online Quiz, online meeting, The school or learning center will find this course will great helpful for their business.

I attend an IT design seminar organized by USA staff in Kuala Lumpur  10 year ago. A simple website will cost USD $ 3000, even after discount. I trusted the professional Malaysia company to design my website, who design many banks’ website and win the Best SME (Small Medium Enterprise) Yearly reward.  The fast pacing changes in IT in USA made their technology quickly outdated and pricey. They charged me SEO for USD $ 900 yearly, the shopping card $900, …. same price until now. I decide to take back under my own hand. Having a IT master degree, I think i can pick up fast. Once I begin the design, I fall in love with the IT and eCommerce design. This is a challenging and ever changing world. I have met many difficulties and panic. My site collapsed many times. I am frustrated with the Microphone for sound quality… Finally, I overcome many setbacks and find the best way to integrate   eCommerce and your business. Forget to mention, I passed UK professional accounting test ACCA and own different type of businesses.

I will share my journey and give you the best I know and What I know best to you. My course will save you tons of time and money!

Who is the target audience?
  • Who want Educational online solution
  • Who want Create Online Courses
  • Who want Create Online Quiz and Survey for Your Organization.
  • Who want start an e Business
  • Who have limited budget

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