PSpice Simulation for Electronic Circuits: Learn PSpice now!


PSpice Simulation for Electronic Circuits: Learn PSpice now!

A PSpice Tutorial for Beginners. Simulate Analog Electronic Circuits Using OrCAD Capture CIS PSpice Simulation Tools

What you’ll learn

  • Simulate a switched-mode power supply (buck) converter circuit
  • Build electrical circuit drawings in professional industry standard software, OrCAD Capture fundamentals, PSPICE fundamentals
  • Simulate electrical and electronic circuits using the power of PSPICE software
  • Verify circuit theory through simulation


  • Knowledge: You should be able to use a PC at the beginner level
  • Knowledge: A basic and introductory understanding of electrical circuits
  • Tools: You should have the ability to install software on your PC
  • Tools: A PC with a minimum of: 4 GB of RAM and 60 GB of Hard Drive storage
  • Tools: Strongly Recommended 8 GB of RAM


Verify that your operational amplifier and power switching converter circuits will actually work.

Understand how to use PSpice for basic circuit analysis. Verify your hand calculations and homework in Circuits 1 and Circuits 2 class.

A tutorial in PSpice for analog circuits. Learn the basics of circuit simulation using Cadence Design System’s powerful simulation software.

Who this course is for:

  • This course will be useful to college students studying electrical and hardware engineering, electronic hobbyists and tinkerers, hardware design engineers who have experience with other PCB design tools such as LTSpice, Altium, Mentor Graphics, AutoDesk Eagle, Diptrace and KiCAD
  • Anyone who wants to learn PSPICE for electrical circuit simulation
  • Anyone who wants to understand the basics of electrical circuit simulation
  • Persons who have a lot of trouble getting the PSPICE simulations to work
  • Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior electrical engineering university students
  • Graduate students in electrical engineering

Created by Kirsch Mackey
Last updated 5/2021
English [Auto]

Size: 2.83 GB

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